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Phil McNamara

Phil McNamara, M.B.A. - CSO

Welcome to WaterFiltersFAST.com a site devoted to helping people find the water filter and home appliances they need at affordable prices backed by a dependable and long standing company, AWP Group Inc. My tenure at WaterFiltersFAST.com has been full of exciting product line additions and water industry research to bring our customers the best brands and prices to suit their needs. I spend most of my days staying current on industry trends and exploring new information on water filters that expands our ability to serve our customers.

I'm originally from California, where the need for water filtration equipment is vast. Growing up around the plumbing and home appliance industry I naturally took the steps after college to dive into the growing problem of clean water both nation and worldwide. After many years in the industry I found WaterFiltersFAST.com and aligned my knowledge of the industry with theirs to help educate and inform our consumers from my years of experience.

I currently reside in Arkansas, where I enjoy fishing on the state's many lakes in my spare time. I'm also an avid outdoorsman and tech enthusiast. An oxymoron for sure, but I've made it work! I'm happily married to a beautiful and successful woman who enjoys a long career as a top interior designer. Many of her aesthetic skills have bled through into my work researching attractive and useful products for the home. For sure a woman who's made her husband a better man all the way around!

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