Sprite SLC Replacement Filter Cartridge

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The Sprite SLC Replacement Filter Cartridge combines quality and functionality with durability for a lifetime of customer satisfaction. It helps reduce and filter iron oxides, hydrogen sulfide, lead, and odors.

  • Fits all Sprite "slim" style shower filters. 
  • Lasts approximately 6 months. 

This replaceable cartridge contains a special compound (KDF - Copper/Zinc) to virtually eliminate Chlorine. Plus, it helps reduce and filter Iron Oxides, Hydrogen Sulfide, Lead, and odors. Easily installs in seconds. 

Note: SLC cartridge will fit the Sprite Prestige, Royale, Slim-Line and April Shower Slim models.

List of compatible Sprite models below for the SLC cartridge:
  • SL-WH
  • SL-CM
  • SL-GD
  • SL-WH-M
  • SL-CM-M
  • SL-GD-M
  • SLB-CM
  • SLB-SN
  • SLB-PB
  • SLB-CM-A
  • SLB-SN-A
  • SLB-PB-A
  • AP3-CT
  • AP3-GT
  • ARS5-CT
  • ARS5-GT
  • ARA5-CT
  • ARA5-GT
  • AM5-CM
  • AM5-BN
  • AM5-GD
  • AM5-WH
  • AM8-CM
  • AM8-BN
  • AM8-GD
  • AM8-WH
  • ARS5-CM