Sprite MBS De-Chlorinating Bath Salts

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The Sprite MBS De-Chlorinating Bath Salts combines quality and functionality that makes it a great and valuable product. It removes all traces of chlorine out of your bath water, eliminating the chances of any chemicals to be absorbed into your skin, dry out your hair, or be breathed into your lungs.

  • With Mediterranean Blue, You Can Experience The Same Chlorine-Free Water Of A Filtered Shower
  • Mediterranean Blue Bath Salts Will Last For Several Baths
  • Without Any Artificial Colors Or Fragrances, These Bath Salts Will Not Irritate Sensitive Skin
  • Bath Salts Provide Filtered Water At A Much Lower Cost Than A Shower Filter
  • You Can Even Mix Mediterranean Blue With Your Favorite Soaps, Bath Bubbles, Oils, Or Any Other Product Without Affecting The Bath Salt Dechlorination!