Pentek Big Blue EP-20BB 20 inch × 4 1/2 inch High Dirt Holding Capacity Carbon Block Cartridge

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The Pentek Big Blue EP-20BB 20 inch × 4 1/2 inch High Dirt Holding Capacity Carbon Block Cartridge combines quality and functionality with durability for a lifetime of customer satisfaction. A high porosity design helps prevent the cartridge from plugging before its adsorption capacity is exhausted, maximizing the utilization of the carbon while maintaining low-pressure drop. 


  • Nominal 5-micron rating*
  • High dirt-holding capacity maximizes utilization of the carbon block*
  • Highly effective bad taste & odor and chlorine taste & odor reduction*

Materials of Construction

  • Filter Media: Bonded PAC
  • End Caps: Polypropylene
  • Inner/Outer Wraps: Polyolefin
  • Netting: Polyethylene
  • Gaskets: Buna-N
  • Temperature Rating: 40-180ºF (4.4-82.2ºC)


  • Maximum Dimensions: 4 5/8" x 20" (118 mm x 508 mm)
  • Micron Rating* (nominal): 5
  • Initial ?P (psi)@ Flow Rate (gpm): 5.5 psi @ 5 gpm (0.38 bar @ 19 Lpm)
  • Chlorine Taste & Odor Reduction @ Flow Rate: >40,000 gallons @ 4 gpm (151,400L @ 151.1 Lpm)

* Based on manufacturer's internal testing


  • The EP cartridges will contain a very small amount of carbon fines (very fine black powder) and a new cartridge after installation should be flushed with sufficient water to remove the fines from your water system before using the water.
  • Micron ratings based on 85% or greater removal of given particle size. Data obtained from actual particle counts using AC Fine Test Dust and Latex spheres.
  • Estimated capacity using 2ppm free available chlorine (FAC) at continuous flow with greater than 90% reduction.

Warning: Do not use with water that is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality without adequate disinfection before or after the system.

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