Holmes HWF65 Humidifier Filter

Holmes HWF65 Humidifier Filter

Part Number: HOLMESHWF65P

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The Compatible Holmes HWF-65 Humidifier Wick Filter Replacement is an anti-bacterial treated filter replacement. Protects your humidifier from minerals and contaminants, features honeycomb construction.

Measures Approximately: 7-1/2"x 5-1/4" x1/4"x 1"

Fits Models:
  • Holmes
  • HM1800 HM1840, HM1845
  • HM1850, HM1851, HM1855
  • HM1865, HM1888, HM1889
  • HM1975, HM2059, HM60w
  • HM90, HM3000, HM 3800(needs 3 wick filters)
  • HM 3850(needs 3 wick filters)
  • HM 4000(needs 4 wick filters)

  • White-Westinghouse
  • WWHM1840
  • WWH650

  • GE
  • GE 106663
  • GE 106763

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