Harmsco HC-90-AC-5 HC 90 5 Micron Hurricane Activated Carbon Filter Cartridge

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The Harmsco HC-90-AC-5 HC 90 5 Micron Hurricane Activated Carbon Filter Cartridge provides unsurpassed performance, as it separates dense solids prior to cartridge filtration for extended filter life. It increases dirt holding capacity and reduces maintenance costs.


  • High performance extruded activated
  • Integrated 5-micron pleated pre-filter for extended life
  • Low initial pressure drop compared to granular activated carbon (no channeling)
  • Patented Dual Durometer end caps to ensure better sealing
  • Engineered media for superior performance
  • Cleanable and reusable in most applications
  • DBP Tested


  • High chlorine removal
  • High THMs removal
  • Longer filter runs for fewer change-outs
  • Lower initial pressure drops
  • Reduced maintenance downtime and cost
  • Increased contaminant removal -taste, odors, DBPs
  • Easy to install and clean


  • Commercial/Residential Drinking Water Filtration
  • Reverse Osmosis Pre-filtration
  • Water Bottling Filtration
  • Point of entry for the dwelling
  • Industrial Waste Water Treatment
  • Environmental Filtration
  • Industrial/Commercial Process Water


  • Carbon: High performance extruded activated carbon block
  • Outer layer: 5 micron nominal pleated Polyester-Plus media
  • Center tubes: PVC, rigid and perforated
  • End Caps: Plastisol (pliable PVC) Dual Durometer
  • Directional flow: radial (outside to in) for low-pressure drop
  • Temperature: rated to 125°F (52°C)

Sizing Guide:

  • Nominal Micron Rating: 5
  • Media (sq ft) : 55
  • Recommended Flow Rate (GPM) : 10
  • Min. Carbon Content (lbs) : 6.25
  • Capacity : 180,000 gals
  • Chlorine Reduction : 90-95% at 10 gpm
  • THMs Reduction : 95-98% at 10 gpm