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HEPA Filters & Replacements

Many people choose HEPA filters for home use because of the highly effective way they remove impurities from the air. For instance, a HEPA furnace filter can remove very small airborne contaminants that may be missed by a standard filter. Some families appreciate the peace of mind that comes with having a whole house HEPA filter and it’s up to each shopper to decide on the best HEPA air filter for their home. The following offers an answer to the question: What is a HEPA filter? Shoppers will also learn some reasons to have HEPA Filters for the home.

What Is a HEPA Filter?

The acronym HEPA stands for high efficiency particulate air. These filters are capable of capturing tiny airborne contaminants. Furthermore, a HEPA air filter can absorb many of the contaminants that aggravate allergies as well as various respiratory conditions. This is why many households find these filters to be the best choice.

The features of HEPA filters contribute to better indoor air quality by meeting higher standards than other air filters. A HEPA filter replacement is used in an air purifier or a modern furnace and air conditioning system. Winix, Airpura, and Whirlpool are just a few of the manufacturers of HEPA air filters in our inventory. We are constantly striving to meet the high expectations of our customers.

Reasons for HEPA Filters for Home

HEPA air filters are known to capture and store a variety of airborne contaminants. Allergy-sufferers often look for these air filters because they are capable of capturing the contaminants that can aggravate allergies; allergy-sufferers can avoid breathing in many of the particulates that may irritate their allergies. In some households, the best HEPA filter is the only choice for an air purifier or a heating and cooling unit.

HEPA filters for home use capture many sizes and types of airborne contaminants, which can certainly lead to improved indoor air quality. Many families prefer to use these air filters, so they can catch as many airborne impurities in their home as possible. Regardless of whether the people in a household have allergies, using HEPA filters is a proactive way to move toward improved indoor air quality.

During the winter, a HEPA furnace filter can be very beneficial. Naturally, when it is cold outside, many people tend to stay indoors more than they do in warm weather. These furnace filters are capable of capturing the tremendous amount of airborne contaminants stirred up by a bustling household. A whole house HEPA filter is especially effective for a household crowded with family members. Bacteria, dust, and dirt are just a few of the airborne impurities that can be handled by HEPA filters.

HEPA air filters are also a wise choice for a household that owns pets. Our selection of air filters has many that can easily capture pet dander. When a pet shakes, rolls on the carpet or cleans its fur, pet dander can float up into the air. All kinds of pets have dander including dogs, cats, and even birds. Pet dander is hard for an owner to see, but a HEPA filter replacement has the capacity to absorb particulates of pet dander.

Our customer representatives are ready to answer any questions a customer may have on HEPA filters. Some customers may need advice on the sort of HEPA filters that would best meet their needs, or information on a HEPA furnace filter versus a whole house HEPA filter.