GeneralAire GA10 Humidifier Va

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The GeneralAire GA10 Humidifier Vapor Pad is a replacement humidifier vapor pad that fits the 570A and 570M humidifier models from GeneralAire, as well as several models from Aprilaire, Honeywell, and Source1. This vapor pad draws in hot air, absorbs it, and then distributes humidity throughout the home. Replace this humidifier pad once a year.

The General Aire GA10 Humidifier Vapor Pad fits the following humidifier models: 
  • GeneralAire 570
  • Honeywell HE220
  • Honeywell HE225
  • AprilAire 110
  • AprilAire 220
  • AprilAire 500
  • AprilAire 550
  • AprilAire 558
  • Source1 S1-HU112MB

Dimensions: Approximately 1.75" x 10" x 10.25"

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