GE - FX12P Water Filter Replacement Set by Hydronix

Part Number: CB-25-1001-2

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Hydronix CB-25-1001-2 1-Micron Carbon Block Filter Cartridge - 2 Pack

FX12P Replacement Set

The CTO series extruded carbon block 1-micron filter cartridges are made with coconut shell-based carbon, that creates what many believed to be sweeter tasting water. The unique structure of this carbon 1-micron filter is well-suited for chemical adsorption, including VOCs, while reducing chlorine and chemicals that contribute to the water's taste and odor. The polypropylene non-woven pre-filtration media will operate effectively in most installations without pre-filtration. The 1-micron filter is ideal for residential service where improving the taste of the water is the primary objective.

Features & Benefits:

  • Highly effective in filtering certain VOCs, chlorine, taste, and odor.
  • FDA-listed materials.
  • Free of surfactants, binders, and adhesives
  • Low-pressure drop.
  • High performance.
  • Extra dust holding capacity.
  • Longer service life.
  • No leaching carbon ash.

Operating Data:

  • Maximum operating pressure: 7.5 kg/cm2
  • Maximum differential pressure: 7 kg /cm2
  • Collapse pressure: 14 kg/cm2
  • Maximum operating temperature: 60 degrees C ~ 75 degrees C

Compatible with the following:
  • CA Ware - CBC-10(1), CBC-1010AAC, LBC-10(1)
  • Hydronix - CB-25-1001, 175725
  • Kleen Water - PWF24710CB, PWF2510LR
  • KX Industries - PWF2410CB, 32-250-125-975, 06-250-125-975
  • LiquiTec - CB-250-975-01
  • OmniFilter - GAC1-SS
  • Pentek - C8, 155220-43, 155220, 155713-43, 051678713433, CBC-10, EP-10, 21366
  • Sears - 34370, 34377
  • Whirlpool - WHKF-DB1, WHKF-DB2

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