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Furnace Filters in All Sizes

A furnace filter is a vital component of any home HVAC system. Without furnace air filters, dust and other debris in the air would continue to circulate throughout the home. A furnace air filter helps cut down on this problem by trapping the dirt and debris. A wide range of furnace filter sizes and types makes it challenging for some homeowners to buy the right product. Understanding a little more about home furnace filters will make the buying decision a little easier.

Types of Home Furnace Filters

When shopping for a furnace filter, the homeowner needs to know what type is needed for the home’s furnace. One of the first considerations to make is which of the furnace filter sizes are appropriate for the home. The filter needs to fit inside the furnace exactly for it to function properly. Gaps would allow air to flow through without entering the filter and removing the debris. The best way to find furnace filter sizes is to look on the existing filter. Home furnace filters usually have their size marked in inches on one of the sides of the frame.

The thickness of the filter is another factor for buyers to consider. Typically, the thicker a furnace air filter is, the more dirt and debris it will trap from the air. When buying air filters for furnace use, most homeowners are best off buying the thickest they can afford. Discount furnace filters can help buyers afford these higher quality filters when shopping on a budget.

Some furnace filters are designed to be thrown out when changing furnace filters. These are the most affordable filters, but they do contribute to environmental waste and have to be continually re-purchased. These disposable air filters for furnace use are made from cardboard, paper and other natural fibers. Some furnace filters are reusable. These are made from metals and can be washed and re-inserted instead of completely changed. Most homeowners opt to purchase two of these reusable options so they can still have one to use when changing furnace filters and washing the dirty one.

A final difference is found in furnace filter ratings. Furnace filter ratings can be difficult to understand. They often are given efficiency and MERV ratings. MERV furnace filter ratings rate the filter’s ability to remove dust from the air. The smaller the number, the more particles they allow through. Efficiency ratings refer to the filter’s ability to stop particles. The higher the efficiency, the more effective it filters the air. These two ratings measure similar aspects of the filter’s effectiveness. Medium to high-efficiency filters are those rated at 20 to 95 percent efficiency, and they are efficient enough to impact indoor air quality.

Purpose of Furnace Air Filters

The main purpose of a furnace air filter is to remove harmful particles out of the air in order to protect the moving components of the furnace. Because of this, lower quality filters do not improve indoor air quality. However, higher quality home furnace filters can trap additional particles and help improve indoor air quality. That is why shopping for discount furnace filters is important. Doing so allows the homeowner to buy a furnace filter that not only protects the furnace, but also protects the residents of the property.

How to Change a Furnace Filter

In most home furnaces, installing a furnace filter is quite simple. A furnace filter slides into the furnace near the furnace fan. This slot is usually easy to see and access on the furnace. To install a new filter, the homeowner must first slip the old one out of the furnace slot. Then, the new one needs to be installed facing the right direction. The filter should have arrows indicating which direction the air should flow. Inserting the filter backwards will inhibit its ability to trap particles. Otherwise, the process is very simple.

The filter needs to be changed every three months at a minimum. Homeowners should check their furnace filters every month. When the filter starts to look dirty, it needs to be changed. Changing furnace filters takes no more than five to 10 minutes for the average homeowner. Often, shopping for the right filters at an affordable price is far more time-consuming. 

Whether the goal is to improve indoor air quality or simply to keep the furnace running at its best, furnace air filters are the product to do the job. Investing in quality air filters for furnace use will help keep all of the occupants of a home as healthy as possible. This is not a place to cut corners when shopping, but there are ways for buyers to save money. Water Filters Fast is your best source for discount furnace filters.