Filmtec TW30-2514 170 GPD Tap Water Membrane Element

Filmtec TW30-2514 170 GPD Tap Water Membrane Element

Part Number: TW30-2514

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The Filmtec TW30-2514 170 GPD Tap Water Membrane Element combines quality and functionality with durability for a lifetime of customer satisfaction. With its long filter life, it makes a valuable addition to the water filter system. It removes impurities from water making it safe to drink.

Filmtec TW30-2514 is a replacement reverse osmosis membrane. TFC construction and intended for tap water applications. 170 gallon per day rated capacity.

Dow manufacturers the Filmtec TW30-2514 commercial reverse osmosis membrane. This reverse osmosis membrane is intended for tap water applications and is ideally suited for industrial/commercial use. It is a spiral wound Thin Film Composite (TFC) membrane that must be used with non-chlorinated water supplies. It is used in a multitude of applications where the chlorine from the tap water is first removed with single or dual stage carbon pre-filters.

Replacing the reverse osmosis membrane on a reverse osmosis system is an important step to maintaining high quality and quantity of water. Membranes are replaced when there is a measurable drop in water quantity and water quality of the product water. A drop in water quality is usually measured as an increase in conductivity or TDS of the product water.

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