Everpure EC210 Replacement Filter Cartridge EV9534-26/20

Part Number: EV9534-26

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The EV9534-26 is now known as the EV9534-20 Replacement Filter Cartridge

  • Everpure EC210 Prefilter Cartridge EV9534-20 Features:
  • The Everpure EC-210 Prefilter cartridge is for the E-20 Housing and fits most 20 drop-in housings.
  • The Everpure EC210 replacement filter features 10 Micron sediment filtration.
  • The Everpure EC210 EV953420 filters out larger dirt and rust particles which may extend the life of primary filter cartridges.
  • The tightly spun EC210 sediment cartridge delivers 10-micron nominal filtration.
  • The durable slim bowl design makes cartridge change outs easy to handle.
  • The EC210 filter can be used for all foodservice applications requiring prefiltration and for use in high sediment areas.
  • Clear housing lets you visually inspect trapped particles and makes determining when to change the cartridge easy.

  • Everpure EC-210 Replacement Filter Cartridge:
  • Replace the Everpure EC210 Filter Cartridge when dirt has penetrated through to the inner core of the cartridge.
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