Carrier 318518-761 Humidifier Filter

Part Number: CARRIER318518761O

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Carrier/Bryant 318518-761 replacement water panel evaporator filters. The filter is aluminum with a metal frame and distributor that fits on the top of the filter. The filter is coated with a powdery substance that allows the water to move more slowly over the filter thereby permitting more water to be absorbed into the air.

This filter is compatible with the following obsolete or alternate part numbers: 
318518-761, 88NH1014C101

This filter is also compatible with the following humidifiers: 
49BF, 49FH, 912D, 913B, HUMBBLBP2018, HUMBBLBP2018A, HUMBBLFP1025, HUMBBLFP1025A, HUMCCLBP18A, HUMCCLBP2018, HUMCCLBP2018A, HUMCCLFP1025, HUMCCLFP1025A, P110-004, P110-0049BF, P110-LBP2018, P110-LFP1025
Dimensions are approximately 10-1/2" X 14-1/2" X 1-1/2"

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