Carbon Block Filter 4.5 X 10 - 1 Micron

Part Number: CB-45-1001

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The Hydronix CB-45-1001 is a 10 inch Big Blue filter made from high purity coconut shell carbon.  Coconut shell is the most effective type of carbon on the market today.  This filter can be used in food service industries, commercial, industrial, and residential uses.  It can be used as a whole house filter or under-sink applications.  This filter can replace the Liquatec CB-450-975-01 and the Pentek 155170-43.

The CB-45-1001 handles impurities in drinking water by improving taste and removing odors.  It removes contaminants like dirt, rust, carbon fines,  and high chlorine levels.  It can be used to replace GAC (Granular Activated Carbon) and PAC (Power Activated Carbon) filters.

  • Micron Rating: 1
  • Dimensions:  4.5 W x 9 7/8 H inches
  • Chlorine Capacity:  20,000 at 2.75 GPM
  • Temperature Rating:  40 to 180 ?F (4.4 - 82.2 ?C)
  • Max Operating Pressure:  250 PSI
  • Max Differential Pressure:  100 PSID
  • Collapse Pressure:  200 PSID

Compatible with the following:
  • Filtrex - FXB10cyst, FXB10CL2
  • LiquiTec - CB-450-975-01
  • Pentek - CB1-10, 255382-43, 25538243

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