Bionaire 900 Humidifier Filter

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The Bionaire 900 Humidifier Filters Two-Pack is a humidifier wick filter that works in your Bionaire Humidifier. Also known as the CBW9, the humidifier filter wick works with your Bionaire humidifier to produce the best-humidified air quality for your home.

These Bionaire replacement filters have a honeycomb filtration system that traps mineral pollutants that are found in your humidifiers water.

Bionaire 900 Humidifier Filter Replacement Specifications:
  • 2 Pack- contains 2 Wicks
  • Traps Mineral Pollutants
  • Honeycomb Filtration
  • Product Dimensions: 9" x 7" x 2-1/2"

For use in:
  • Bionaire W0210
  • Bionaire W0210S
  • Bionaire W3040
  • Bionaire W0305
  • Bionaire W0310
  • Bionaire W2
  • Bionaire W2S
  • Bionaire W6
  • Bionaire W6S
  • Bionaire W7
  • Bionaire W7
  • Bionaire W9
  • Bionaire W9S
  • Bionaire 9H
  • Bionaire C22
  • Bionaire C23
  • Bionaire WC-0840

The CBW9 Humidifier Filter is a smart way to increase your humidifiers life. The humidifier filter wick naturally humidifies your home without any messy dust.

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