Bionaire 900 Humidifier Filter

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The "Compatible" 900 Humidifier Filters Two-Pack is a humidifier wick filter that works in your Bionaire Humidifier. Also known as the CBW9, the humidifier filter wick works with your Bionaire humidifier to produce the best-humidified air quality for your home. These Bionaire replacement filters have a honeycomb filtration system that traps mineral pollutants that are found in your humidifiers water.

Bionaire 900 Humidifier Filter Replacement Specifications:

2 Pack- contains 2 Wicks
Traps Mineral Pollutants
Honeycomb Filtration
Product Dimensions: 9" x 7" x 2-1/2"

For use in:
Bionaire W0210
Bionaire W0210S
Bionaire W3040
Bionaire W0305
Bionaire W0310
Bionaire W2
Bionaire W2S
Bionaire W6
Bionaire W6S
Bionaire W7
Bionaire W7
Bionaire W9
Bionaire W9S
Bionaire 9H
Bionaire C22
Bionaire C23
Bionaire WC-0840

The CBW9 Humidifier Filter is a smart way to increase your humidifiers life. The humidifier filter wick naturally humidifies your home without any messy dust.

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