Aquapure AP117, AP-117 Replacement by Hydronix rated for 10,000 gallons

Part Number: HDG-P117

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The Hydronix HDG-P117 Premium Chlorine Taste & Odor Filter reduces chlorine taste & odor, dirt, sand, sediment and rust particles from your water.

The Hydronix HDG-P117 is also a direct replacement for:
Aqua-Pure AP-117 and Whirlpool WHCF-GAC and WHKF-GAC 

 And also replaces AquaPure AP11, AP11T, AP101, AP101T, AP12, AP12T, AP2610, AP1610, AP51T and any other filter system that calls for a standard size (9 3/4" X 2 5/8") small diameter 5 micron filter such as Ametek, American Plumber, GE, Pollenex, Sears and WaterPik. The Hydronix HDG-P117 will not work in the Waterpik K50 / K-50 systems.  

  • Micron Rating - 5 Micron Nominal
  • Flow Rate - 3 Gallons per minute
  • Specially Formulated High-Absorption Activated Carbon
  • Triple Action for Dirt, Rust, Chlorine Taste and Odor
  • Graded density for long life (Up to 30% longer life)
  • Cold Water Only
  • Chlorine Reduction Rated for 10,000 Gallons (37,854 L)

Exact Replacement for the Aqua Pure AP117

The Hydronix HDG-P117 can be used in the following systems: 
  • AquaPure AP11 System
  • AquaPure AP11S System
  • AquaPure AP11T System
  • AquaPure AP101 System
  • AquaPure AP101S System
  • AquaPure AP101T System
  • AquaPure AP102S System
  • AquaPure AP102T System
  • AquaPure AP12 System
  • AquaPure AP12S System
  • AquaPure AP12T System
  • AquaPure AP1610 System
  • AquaPure AP2610 System
  • AquaPure AP51T System
  • AquaPure AP1610SS System
  • AquaPure AP2610SS System
  • AquaPure SS1-SS12 System

The Hydronix HDG-P117 Premium Chlorine Taste & Odor Filter reduces chlorine, dirt, rust and sand sediment and rust particles from your water.

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