AquaPure AP117 Premium Chlorine Filter (Single Filter) AP-117

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The Aqua-Pure AP-117 Premium Chlorine Taste & Odor Filter reduces chlorine taste & odor, dirt, sand, sediment, and rust particles in your water. This Aqua Pure AP117 filter is ideal for cleaner, better tasting water.

The Aqua-Pure AP117 can be used in Aqua-Pure AP11, AP11T, AP101, AP101T, AP12, AP12T, AP2610, AP1610, AP51Tm and any other filter system that calls for a standard size (9 3/4" X 2 5/8") small diameter 5 micron filter such as Ametek, American Plumber, GE, Pollenex, Sears, and WaterPik. This versatility makes the Aqua Pure AP117 an ideal filter choice. The Aqua Pure AP117 will not work in the Waterpik K50 / K-50 systems. The Aqua Pure AP117 is also a direct replacement for the Whirlpool WHCF-GAC cartridge and WHKF-GAC.

The Aqua-Pure AP117 Premium Chlorine Taste & Odor Filter is rated for:

  • Micron rating 5-micron nominal
  • Flow rate 3 gallons per minute
  • Specially formulated high-absorption activated carbon
  • Triple action for reduced dirt, rust, chlorine taste and odor
  • Graded density for long life (Up to 30% longer life)
  • Cold water only
  • Chlorine reduction rated for 10,000 gallons (37,854 L)
  • Aqua Pure AP117

The Aquapure AP117 can be used in the following systems: 

  • AquaPure AP11 System
  • AquaPure AP11S System
  • AquaPure AP11T System
  • AquaPure AP101 System
  • AquaPure AP101S System
  • AquaPure AP101T System
  • AquaPure AP102S System
  • AquaPure AP102T System
  • AquaPure AP12 System
  • AquaPure AP12S System
  • AquaPure AP12T System
  • AquaPure AP1610 System
  • AquaPure AP2610 System
  • AquaPure AP51T System
  • AquaPure AP1610SS System
  • AquaPure AP2610SS System
  • AquaPure SS1-SS12 System
The Aqua-Pure AP117 / CUNO AP117 Drinking Water Filter Replaces:
  • Whirpool WHCF-GAC cartridge
  • IP754

The Aqua-Pure AP117 Premium Chlorine Taste & Odor Filter reduces chlorine, dirt, rust and sand sediment and rust particles from your water.

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