AquaPure AP-217 Water Filter

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Aqua-Pure AP217 Filter (5 Micron) Cartridge

The AP217 Water Filter replacement cartridges use two stages of filtration. The first stage of filtration for the AP217 filter cartridge employs the exclusive Aqua-Pure Graded Density pre-filter that's made from an exclusive process using pure white cellulose fibers. This unique process offers unsurpassed filtration performance. The water then enters a deep bed of specially formulated activated carbon where the water comes into contact with hundreds of thousands of activated sites that effectively reduce unwanted tastes, odors, and chlorine.

Features of the AP217 Water Filter:

  • Reduction claims: sediment, chlorine, taste & odor @ 2 GPM
  • Applications: drinking, cooking, and all other food applications
  • Contains a pre & post filter with activated granular carbon for maximum effectiveness
  • Protection against pressure surges and water hammer
  • NSF 42 Certified
  • Long life graded density depth filtration manufactured from FDA CFR-21 compliant materials

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