Aprilaire #10 - Compatible Replacement - Wick Humidifier Filter

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Aprilaire #10 Wick Compatible Humidifier Filter

This high performance and high output whole house humidifier filter can help correct the following conditions associated with low humidity in your home, too little humidity causes:

  • You experience chronic physical symptoms such as sore throats, dry/itchy skin, nose bleeds or sinus irritation
  • Your home's wood floors are shrinking and cracking. Joins in wood furniture are becoming loose or failing.
  • Annoying and sometimes painful static shocks are common occurrences.
  • Your thermostat is cranked up, as is your energy bill, but you still feel cold.

Approximate Dimensions: 10-1/8" L x 12-7/8" W x 1-1/2" H 
Prevents mold and fungus Paper

This A10 replacement filter also fits the following models and brands:
Aprilaire: 110, 220, 500, 500A, 500-A 550, 550A, 550-A, 558

Chippewa: 220

Hamilton: 12HF, 12-HF

Honeywell: HE220A, HE220B, HE225A, HE225B, HE220-A, HE220-B, HE225-A, HE225-B, HE-220-A, HE-220-B, HE-225-A, HE-225-B

Lasko: 5000L, 5000-L, 5000EC, 5000-EC, 6000

Lennox: WB212, WB-212

Part Numbers: A10, A-10, 10, #10

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