Amana 12527304 Refrigerator Water Filter - Clean 'n Clear WF401

Part Number: WF401S

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The Amana 12527304 Refrigerator Water Filter - Clean 'n Clear WF401S is used in Amana refrigerators with filter access inside of the refrigerator. Simply turn on the Amana 12527304 Refrigerator Water Filter - Clean 'n Clear WF401S to start removing contaminants and replacing them with clean water. This NSF Certified Amana refrigerator water filter reduces cysts, chlorine taste and odor, particulates (class I), and lead, while still retaining beneficial fluoride.

Please note that the contaminants, or other substances removed or reduced by this Amana refrigerator water filter, are not necessarily in all users' water. Replacing your Amana refrigerator water filters with Amana refrigerator replacement parts every 6 months ensures clean, safe drinking water.

The following represent the unique features of this particular Amana water filter:

The Amana 12527304 Clean 'n Clear refrigerator water filter fits Amana and Kenmore refrigerators with the Clean 'n Clear water filtration system.

  • The Amana 12527304 refrigerator water filter is located in the ceiling of the refrigerator, where the Amana refrigerator replacement parts can be inserted.
  • Amana refrigerator water filters are designed to reduce lime scale buildup, chlorine, dirt and rust in your water and ice.
  • This Amana water filter replacement is NSF Certified and retains the beneficial fluoride in your water.
  • The Amana water filter is also known as the Amana WF401 or Amana WF401S
  • Product UPC: 042159057719

To help users stick to the recommended Amana water filter replacement schedule, the Amana refrigerator water filter includes reminder labels for easy replacement tracking. The Amana refrigerator water filter 12527304 & WF401S replaces Amana part numbers:

WF30, WF40, WF401, WF401S, WF401P, 12527301, 12527302, 12527303 12527305, 12527307, 12527309,12527504, 12388401, 12388402, 12388403,12388406, 12388407, 12319801, 67003634

This Amana water filter replacement part replaces Kenmore Models made by Amana (model numbers starting with 596). 9014, 46-9014, 469014, 9014P, 04609014000 9904, 46-9904, 469904, 9904P, 04609904000

The Amana refrigerator water filter 12527304 & WF401S fits refrigerator model #'s: 

ARS2367AB,ARS9167AW,SXD26VE,SRD23VPSE ARS2367AC,ARS9168AB,SXD26VL,SRD23VW ARS2367AS,ARS9168AC,SXD26VW,SRD26VE ARS2367AW,ARS9168AS,SZD23VE,SRD26VL ARS2667AB,ARS9168AW,SZD23VL,SRD26VPE ARS2667AC,ARS9169AS,SZD23VW,SRD26VPSE ARS2667AS,DRS2362AC,SZD26VE,SRD26VW ARS2667AW,DRS2362AW,SZD26VL,SXD23VE 596.50399,DRS2662AC,SZD26VW,SXD23VL SBD21VW,SPD26VW,DRS2662AW,SXD23VW ARS9167AB,SRD21VE,SBD21VE,596.50392 ARS9167AC,SRD21VL,SBD21VL,596.50392 ARS9167AS,SRD21VW,SBD21VPE,596.5039299 SBDE21VPE,SRD23VE,SBD21VPSE,596.50394 SBDE21VPSE,SRD23VL,59650392000,596.50394, SPD26VL, SRD23VPE, 59650392001, 596.5039499, 59650394990, 59650399000, 59650392990, 596.50399 596.5039999, 59650399001, 59650394000, 596.50399, 59650394001, 59650399990

Amana replacement water filters and Amana filter replacement parts meet the NSF, ANSI standard 42 for the reduction of the following substances:

  • 98.9% of Chlorine
  • 96.6% of Particulates Class I

These Clean 'n Clear Amana refrigerator water filters meet NSF / ANSI standard 53 for the reduction of the following:

  • 99.3% of Lead at pH of 6.5
  • 98.8% of Lead at pH of 8.5
  • 99.97% of Cysts
  • 99.7% of Turbidity
  • 91.9% of Lindane
  • 76.1% of Atrazine
  • 84.89% of 2-4,D
  • 99.95% of Asbestos

You should replace your Amana 12527304 refrigerator water filter every six months with Amana filter replacement parts and Amana refrigerator replacement parts. This will help keep your Amana water filter working properly so that you’re never left without clean water. 

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