17 Creative Ways to Utilize the Hot Water from your Water Dispenser

Posted by on 2/1/2018 to Drinking Water

These days, there are a lot of nifty kitchen gadgets to help make cooking and cleaning a breeze. You've got devices that help you perfectly cut vegetables, ones that help make the perfect homemade noodles and so on. But the one household device that has stood out in popularity is the water dispenser.

filling glass water dispenser

Back in the day, a water dispenser would probably make people think of the coolers they'd stand and gossip around at work. Water dispensers today typically come attached to refrigerators, though some can come as separate entities in their own right. Water dispensers have also made advancements in being able to not only serve cold water and ice, but to also dispense hot water. Hot water at the push of a button can save you a lot of time and trouble when it comes to the great amount of upkeep that a home requires. Let's dig in and see what creative ways you can utilize these handy devices.

What Hot Water from your Water Dispenser Can Do for You:

·Makes Cooking a Breeze—Well, cooking might be too short of an explanation. Baking, roasting, grilling–the list goes on. We all know that taking the time to boil water can be a pain along the journey to create some delicious dishes. Hot water from your water dispenser can help you do things like:

-Thaw frozen vegetables for faster preparation.

-Aid in the creation of some stunning soups.

-Help you make some beloved quick dishes like ramen noodles, instant rice, pudding and mashed potatoes.

-Help you thaw meat quicker.

-Helps you get some of your favorite hot beverages done a lot faster like tea, instant coffee, hot chocolate and even espresso.

-Warm a baby bottle a lot faster than before and you don't have to rely on putting it in the microwave.

-Blanching vegetables like broccoli and asparagus takes far less time than before.

-Helps you get a head start on boiling vegetables, meat or other foods. Despite the old myth that cold water boils faster, having preheated water will actually get you moving a lot faster in the long run.

·Having Hot Water Handy Makes Cleaning Much Quicker—Not many people like doing chores around the house, especially the kitchen. The kitchen tends to be where some of the biggest and dirtiest messes in the entire house begin to culminate. Still, with a water dispenser that gives you nice, hot water at a touch, you can save time and energy on lots of chores that you might never have even thought of. For instance:

-Cleaning your toothbrush. Your water dispenser will make cleaning your toothbrush a lot faster and easier than before. You can also use the hot water to clean combs and brushes as well.

-Cleaning vegetables and fruits is also a lot easier with preheated water from your water dispenser. This sort of benefit nicely fits in both the cooking and cleaning conveniences of hot water from your water dispenser.

-Hot water makes cleaning greasy pots, pans and other kitchen utensils a lot easier. You won't have to wait for your sink’s hot water to kick into gear to get these clean.

-Really, you can use the hot water to make cleaning almost anything that much easier!

closed hot cold faucet water dispenser

·Hot Water at a Touch Has Surprising Health Benefits—A water dispenser can offer more than just refreshing, cool water at a touch. For those that offer hot water options as well, you might be surprised at what kind of benefits you can get from having that option available. Some of these are:

-Hot water helps clear the sinuses. Have a stuffy nose from a cold or the flu? A touch of a button can help you make your own TheraFlu solution and clear up some of your symptoms.

-Make a nice cup of tea in a jiffy. Sometimes, a headache or sore throat just needs some tea and honey. Why waste time microwaving it or waiting for it to boil on the cooktop?

-Help an earache with a hot rag. A nice, hot rag pressed gently over an ear can do wonders for helping alleviate the pain.

-Make a hot compress. This one is probably obvious, but it still deserves a spot.

-Clean your glasses. A nice quick wipe with some hot water will have you seeing in high definition once again.

 hot water machine

Ultimately, what you do with a water dispenser is up to you. It is a tool that is made to save time and can be used in all sorts of productive ways that I'm sure haven't even been covered here. Whether you are just making a nice cup of tea or opening a stubborn lid, it is a tool that every household should have.

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