Aries 4 1/2 x 20 Calcite Filter Cartridge

Aries 4 1/2 x 20 Calcite Filter Cartridge

Part Number: AF-20-3232-BB

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Aries AF-20-3232-BB 4.5 x 20 Calcor Calcite Filter Cartridge


This calcite filter cartridge purifies water for an entire house and has a 17,000-gallon capacity. This calcite filter cartridge is rated at 1.5 gpm, with a peak capacity of 3 gpm.


The Aries Filterworks pH neutralization Calcor cartridge is designed with a blend of Corosex® and Calcite® for pH neutralization. The product blend allows the pH to be corrected over a more effective range. It helps neutralize acidic waters by allowing the calcium carbonate and magnesium oxide media to dissolve as the water flows through the filter, raising the pH of the water and increasing the alkalinity. Helps eliminate the effects of corrosive water and prevents corrosion of piping and fixtures. pH Neutralization Cartridge, For Use with Pentek 150233-75, Pentek 150235-75, Pentek 150467-75, Pentek 160166-75, Application pH neutralization, remineralization, corrosion prevention.