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Whirlpool WHEMBF Water Purifier Replacement Filters

Whirlpool WHEMBF Water Purifier Replacement Filters


MFG ID: WHEMBF | UPC: 090259891191

Whirlpool WHEMBF Water Purifier Filter Pack (Filters 1, 2, 3)
  • Replacement filter for the WHEMB40 Water Purifier
  • Removes bacteria, viruses, pharmaceuticals, lead, sediment, chlorine taste and odor, chemicals and cysts
  • UltraEase filters are encapsulated for better sanitation and ease of replacement
  • Filter reminder light shows you when it is time for replacement
  • Clean, safe water for drinking and cooking
  • Also known as 7313721

Question & Answers

Q which # is the membrane?
A Here is the manual link to the system. The replacements are all referred to as filters and does not specify if one is a membrane. http://www.waterfiltersfast.com/assets/images/manuals/whemb40.pdf
Q How long do the filters last?
A They try to tell you with the light flashing that they are complete, 4-6 months but I just tack the battery out and put it in again. you will know by when the flow slows down when to change
A Makes a lot better coffee and we don't buy bottled water any more!
A 3 replacement filters for the WHEMBF with a battery to change the one in the faucet. easy! color coded and simple on and off.
A To purify my drinking and cooking water in the kitchen.
Q When do you think that you will have this back in stock? Do you have different filters that will replace this? No one has it.
A Whirlpool has temporarily pulled this item. As soon as they have been released we will update our site. We have no ETA at this time.
Q Hello, is this replacement pack an original whirlpool (OEM) product or some other mfg/supplier?
A Yes, I have purchased three, and they have all been OEM
A It was 100% OEM
A Yes it is an original Whirlpool replacement filter.
Q Where does the replacement battery go?
A The battery goes into the 'Spout' that the water comes out of. There should be a small Phillips head screw holding in a sliding tray. The batter replaces the led light that flashes when the filters need to be replaced..
A In the head tap unit. You unscrew the unit and then install the battery so the light doesn't blink. When the light next blinks (~1 year) you then need to replace the filter. It's just a fancy reminder and you can save the battery and put a 1 year reminder on your calendar if that works better for you.
A The replacement battery goes on the faucet part, close to the handle where you turn the water on to get a glass of water, there is a window looking thing in the front that flashes when its time to change the filter and the battery goes in there, and the screw to take it out is under the faucet handle.You just put the battery in where the old one comes out.
A It goes into the base of the faucet supplied with the purifier kit
A The lithium battery is meant to power a timer that resides in the base of the faucet/spigot for the filter. It runs for 6 months or so and will display a red LED when it's time for a filter replacement. I have never used the battery or timer.
A The base of the faucet, has a plastic cover that flips off. the battery goes in there. the battery is also a good watch battery for many Casio models, if you don't need the six month reminder light to blink.
A In the faucet there's a light that blinks as a reminder for when it's time to replace the filter. Look at the faucet and you should find the battery cover--but note that it may be held in place with a tiny screw so don't try to force it off. With the cover off, notice the direction the old battery is facing before you pull it out. Then it's a simple replacement.
A I also had the same problem when I replaced the filter but was fortunate enough to have kept the manual. How to install a new battery: Remove the lens cover from the faucet base by gripping both sides and pulling forward (this is where you see the red light blinking) Install one CR2032 3V battery with the "+" side down into the battery tray. The amber LED light will flash 5 times, indicating a proper installation and system rest. If the amber light does not flash, check the position of the battery.
A In the base of the faucet.
Q battery replacement?
A The WHEMBF includes the replacement battery as well.
Q how long do I let the water run when installing new filters ?
A Until it stops burping air depending on the water pressure 5 to 10 min. You will taste the difference right away these are great.
Q What's the battery for?
A My guess is that it's for the light indicator that tells you when to change the filter. We got a different one to match our faucet that did not have a light so we never needed it. Again, just a guess.
A Battery is used in faucet assembly of filter to remind you of filter change time. I think it is based on time schedule and not based on water uses. I generally don't use that as indicator but my own timing to change the filter
A With each filter change the battery should be changed as it operates the timer built into the base of the water dispenser. When the amber lite on the water dispenser starts to blink its time to change the filter. There is a small screw on the right side of the water dispenser which, when removed, allows access to the battery compartment.
Q Are these the right filters I ordered last time. 6 months ago? my order # was 350994370077378. I have an email, that says 75.00 and free shipping, does that still work? Thank you. Mary Shea
A These are the same filters that you ordered last time. Your order number was actually WFF203763. The Free Shipping over $75 sale ended Monday 3/11.
Q Do these filters meet same standards as original from whirlpool?
A Yes, these filters meet the same standards as the original filters from whirlpool.
A Yes, I was very satisfied. You will be too. Grace P
A Yes - as far as I know -- because they are the same ones that come with the original unit.
A To my knowledge these are the same exact filters that came originally. I have been using them for a few years now with no problems... I hope this helps
Q Water pressure at kitchen sink faucet seems normal, but not a lot of flow from filtered water faucet. Is this normal?
A The rated capacity for this system is 350 gallons (1325 liters) at a rated service flow of 0.74 gallons per minute if your tank is operating within the required water pressure. This system works on water pressures of 30 psi (minimum) to 100 psi (maximum).
A I have had these filters for 1.5 years and the water pressure is a lot lowers than the normal faucet. Seems pretty normal.
A I have had these filters for 1.5 years and the water pressure is a lot lowers than the normal faucet. Seems pretty normal.
A Two things. One, is this a new set up? If so, no, that is not normal. Read the minimum water pressure required. Two, if it is not s new set up, then your filters are ready for replacement. We had rust from hydrant flushing, caught by our filters, requiring us to change them a little earlier than recommended. This is under the assumption your are not using a saddle valve, which can rust open or shut, and impede water flow.
A It has a low flow rate for us too. Seems ok except for my impatience. :)
A Yes in order to filter the water it must pass through very small spaces so it gets restricted a bit dropping the output pressure. However the end result is well worth the wait. You could ask a plumber about a booster pump and have him take a look at the pipes sometimes steel pipes themselves get restricted and need to be replaced.
Q do these filters remove flouride?
A They remove lead, bacteria and viruses, cysts, chemicals, chlorine, sediment and are a wonderful filter. They do not remove flouride. The reverse osmosis filters do remove flouride.
A While this filter removes bacteria, viruses, pharmaceuticals, lead, sediment, chlorine taste and odor, chemicals, and cysts, it does not remove flouride.
Q How to dispose these cartridges other than at the normal waste bin? Are they recyclable?
A I am not aware of any recyclable method of disposing of these filters.
A Yes
Q Why did you choose this?
A Need to replace expired filters
A Need these replacement filters and have had good business experience with WaterFiltersFAST.
A A great place to order replacement filters.
A It goes to the filtration system we have and we are happpy with the system - hard to find replacement parts.
A Good price, convenience of online ordering. Replacement parts required for home maintenance.
A I own the filter system.
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