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Whirlpool WHEERF Ultraease WHER25 RO Water Filter Set  WHEERF5

Whirlpool WHEERF Ultraease WHER25 RO Water Filter Set WHEERF5


MFG ID: WHEERF | UPC: 090259890439

The Whirlpool UltraEase WHEERF (WHEERF5) contains the replacement prefilter and postfilter for the WHER25 Reverse Osmosis System by Whirlpool. This is a Genuine Whirlpool replacement part. Includes battery replacement for EZ-Change Indicator Light.

The Whirlpool WHEERF Filter Pack has been NSF/ANSI Standard 42 & 58 Tested and Certified for the reduction of the following contaminants:

  • Sediment
  • Chlorine Taste & Odor

It is recommended that you replace the WHEERF filters every 6 months based on your water quality and usage when used in the WHER 25 System. 

Also known as item number 129793, 7296830, WHEERF5-2PK-RO-FLTR and WHEERF7 (replaces WHEERF5). Also replaces Kenmore 42-38056.
The Whirlpool WHEERF Filter Pack has been NSF/ANSI Standard 42 & 58 Tested and Certified for the reduction of the following contaminants:
  • Sediment
  • Chlorine Taste & Odor
It is recommended that you replace the WHEERF filters every 6 months based on your water quality and usage when used in the WHER 25 System. 

Also known as item number 129793, WHEERF5-2PK-RO-FLTR and WHEERF7 (replaces WHEERF5).

Question & Answers

Q will these work for Kenmore RO System "ultraFilter 650"? Thanks
A Yes, the WHEERF is compatible with the Kenmore 650
Q I have the Whirlpool RO system that takes the WHEERF Filter set. I'm wondering how much water is used to make a gallon of water? My husband believes that with an RO system it takes a gallon to make a gallon.
A It takes 4 or five gallons for every gallon of filtered water. Ca is in a drought, but I can't remember when the water California American water provides us in the Monterey area is not drinkable, smells bad and tastes so bad, we don't even cook with it nor give it to our cats. I feel like I ought to charge THEM for that five gallons of wasted water. The whirlpool product is NOT that difficult to install and even easier to change the filter sets. I can taste when it's time to change and get my supplies in a day or two. Because Consumers report rated it well and I've been pleased with the great tasting water, I've never tried another system. Nice to have a place to rant as well as rave.??
A Depending on how new your filters are, it will take between 5 & 7 gallons of tap water to make 1 gallon of filtered water. The big drawback of RO systems is the wasted water.
Q I need 1 membrane filter and 2 post filters Are they the same filter?
A No, but they have different life expectancies. Info on this web site
A No
Q my system has three filters and you only have two, why ? what is the third one need to be replaced ? thanks jason
A These are the pre and post filters. the third (middle) cartridge on your sisystem is the R/O membrane. I only replace R/O membrane once every 12-18 months. I believe 12 months is the recommendation.
A The third filter, not pictured, is the RO filter. The reason they are sold in this way is that the two you see get replaced more often than the RO, or reverse osmosis filter. These two are a particulate filter and a carbon filter. So you buy the set of two, and the RO as a single. Hope that helps! Best, Charlie
Q I received my filters and there was some charcoal around the top of the filter it that normal ..just curious before I install?
A That is not a problem. As you probably know after installing filters one purges the system.
A I have never had that issue. I would look closely at the filter to see if there are any other issues. If not I would simply rinse off, then install. If there were cracks, chips, or other obvious defects I would return. I hope this helps. God Bless. Don...
Q why purge system after replacing filters?
A Since I believe the RO membrane removes the chlorine in the water, and since handling the filters could contaminate the system, chlorine is added to the purge to insure the system is purified.
A I've used these cartridges for over 10 years and never seen or smelled a thing in the water coming out during a purge. Still, the manufacturer knows what's involved in their manufacturing so I continue to purge, but not for 24 hours.
A It clears the carbon dust from the new filter.
Q I was told by plumber I need one with three filters, this is only two for WHER25 system Can you verify this would work if I order this one? Thanks
A It sounds as if he is referring to the filters and the membrane. The membrane is recommended to be changed every 1 -2 years where the filters are changed every 6 months. The link is provided below for the membrane and a complete set. http://www.waterfiltersfast.com/search.asp?q=wheerm&x=0&y=0
Q Do these filters remove phthalates from the water?
A While this isn't on the list we arent able to confirm if it does or not. We recommend contacting Whirlpool directly @ 866-698-2538
Q i have the wher25,,,,when do I sanitize the system...before replacing all three filters or after replacing the filters?
A You can sanitize anytime the water starts to taste "Musty". You do not have to change the filters, as the contamination, (post Clhorine removal) is in the waterlines after the filters, and the tank. So, follow the manufacturer's instructions, and sanitize anytime you wish. Don't forget to make sure you run the faucet open for 24 hours after sanitizing to clear out ALL Chlorine from "Post Filter" lines and tank. When I sanitize is after changing filters, (only when water tastes funny, after changing filters). You might find it useful to change the RO filter, if sanitizing does not get rid of funny, (musty), taste. Then, sanitize again. Good Luck!!
A After - During. The purpose is to sterilize the system after you risk introducing any bacteria into the system by replacing the filters.
Q Are these the correct replacement filters for a Whirlpool reverse osmosis model WHER25, WHEERF5 two pack and WHEERM5?
A Yes, the WHEERF are the pre and post filters and the WHEERM is the membrane for the WHER25 system.
Q is this compatible with the Kenmore Ultra 450 unit?
A I am unfamiliar with that unit. But brief research seems to indicate that it is. Check with Waterfilters fast and make sure that you can return them if they don't fit. Good Luck.
A Yes, the Whirlpool WHEERF is compatible with the Kenmore Ultra 450.
Q do you still carry the wher25 R O filters as a set of three?
A The pre & post filters come as pkg of 2. The membrane filter comes as a single filter.
Q My units have a catalog #WHEERM & WHEEDF ..... are they still available?
Q can these be recycled?
A Most water filters cannot be recycled. Whirlpool may be able to give you recommendations regarding recycling. They can be reached at 866-698-2538
Q Hi, I have a whirlpool undersink WHER25 water filtration system. I belive these are the correct replacement filters for the WHER25. The yellow light was flashing and I know I need to replace the pre and post filter, but I can wait about 1 yr from date of purchase to replace the 3rd reverse osmosis cartridge. Is that correct? thank yo for your reply. Margaret Gryason
A That's generally correct, although under certain circumstances (water quality) a more frequent replacement may be necessary; for example, if performance of the unit declines.
A Hello Margaret, As I recall from my research the time to replace the 3rd cartridge depended on how often you changed the pre and post filters and the the amount of chemicals like chlorine in you water. I am at two years now and I haven't changed the osmosis cartridge because the water tastes fine.
A Yes, the WHEERF is the correct filter replacement set for the WHER25 and to be replaced about every 6 months. The WHEERM is the RO Membrane that is typically replaced every year/ once a year.
Q They do not distinguish between post filter and prefilter , are they the same filter and does it mater wich one goes in line first .?
A It does matter which goes in first as the first cartridge turn on and off the system.
A Same filter. I think I take them off left then right and replace them right then left. It is nice that you don't have to turn off the water.
A They are the same filter. According to owners manual remove prefilter cartridge then remove post filter cartridge. Install new cartridges in reverse order.
A No
A The Post and the Pre-Filters are exactly the same filters - no difference at all. Therefore, it does not matter which filter goes in first.
Q I have whirlpool ultraease reverse osmosis , need to replace 3 filters, 2 of 7276327 and 1 of 7276335 , I am wondering which one will be for the single 7276335?
A Model: WHEERM Reverse Osmosis Membrane.
A The 7276335 is one that shouldn't have to be replaced nearly as often as the other two. It's not really a filter but some kind of membrane. We had never replaced ours the three years we had that system.
Q Will this also replace filter number 7276327? This filter is also for a Reverse Osmosis system (WHER 25).. Thanks
A Yes, the individual filter part number for the filter in known as 7276327 and the set part number is also known as 7296830.
Q If my system is putting out only a little over a glass of water at a time, what does that mean?
A I should add mine is an EcoPure 30 system, the cartridges appear identical (awaiting an answer on if they are compatible)
A The cause of your problem could be a combination of a few things. When was the last time you changed your filters? Depending on inlet water quality and usage filter change may be required as frequently as once every 3-4 months. Most often required every 6-12 months. Be sure the 2 filters & membrane cartridges are installed in the correct location. The #1 cause of your issue is the tank. First turn off the supply valve. Drain the system. Remove the tank. Hold tank upside down to completely drain it. You will probably have to shake to get all water out. Get a digital tire pressure gauge. Unscrew the blue cap and check the pressure of the tank. It should read minimum 6psi max 10psi. If there is no reading, this is your problem, pump up the tank with air pump to 8 or 9 psi. If you didn't drain the tank completely a little water may shoot out of nipple on top of tank. That is normal. DO NOT OVERPRESSURIZE TANK! You will destroy the bladder inside if you do. While you hae the tank disconnected put a few drops of hydrogen peroxide in the tank to sanitize it. Hook back up & you should be good to go. If you have new filters, the tank is pressurized properly, and the system still not working then the RO membrane may be shot. They normally last 8-10 years with regular filter changes.
A Your house water pressure is low or maybe your RO tank isn't filling? I never had it happen.
A My thought would be you have some blockage somewhere. Are all your water lines going into and out of your filters free of kinks or pinching? How is your water pressure elsewhere? Also have you replaced the 3rd filter lately?
A Karan, You probably have a problem with your storage tank. The tank has a rubber bladder which is compressed as the system stores the processed water. When you turn on the faucet, the bladder expands, forcing the water out of the tank. If the tank or the bladder are defective, you will not have the maximum amount of water stored under the proper pressure. Sounds like your bladder needs to be repressurized. Some tanks have an air valve similar to a bicycle tire for the purpose of properly inflating the bladder. Hope this helps.
A When my system does that, it usually means that you need to replace the filters. Just to be on the safe side, I replace all of them at once just so I don't have to guess which specific one to replace. Once I do that, and flush the system (run it for about 1/2 hour), it runs very well.
A Storage tank air pressure charge could be less than that specified. It should be between 5-7 psi with the tank empty.
A You need new filters. If the filters have already been replaced, I would get a knowledgeable person to make sure the installation is correct.
A It probably means you need to change filters... that's what I did when mine "slowed down" and then the outputwent back to normal hope this helps
A I would of course change all the filters first, if you havent recently. If that does not help then you might need to look for a line restriction of some sort.
Q There are two filters in this pack, with two different codes, 12243 and 12244. Which is the upstream and which is the downstream filter? The original filters that came with the product were both code 11167.
A Each filter has a different code. The 12243 is the prefilter and the 12244 is the post filter.
Q The picture shows two filters and our WHER25 uses 3 filters. Which filter is the 3rd filter?
A The third filter is the RO membrane. It only needs replacement after a minimum of 5+ years. The two filter replacement pack (carbon block filters) is what you need to replace every 6months to a year depending on use & water quality.
A I think one of the filters is your reverse osmosis (RO) which doesn't have to be changed as often. The recommendation is every six months for these pre- and post- filters. The RO only needs changing when it gets clogged up which shouldn't be but every few years if you have a relatively clean source.
A The WHEERM RO Membrane is the 3rd filter for the WHER25 System. It is listed below under Related Products, Parts & Accessories.
Q this is for car was?
A These filters are for the Whirlpool WHER25 system.
Q Why did you choose this?
A replace filters
A free shipping
A same reason as above
A Best filter for our R/O system.
A Fits my filtration system
A Needed product. Found a couple of dollars cheaper elsewhere, but have used waterfiltersfast.com before and liked their service. To me this is worth a couple dollars more. (besides, the "elsewhere" was eBay and I am trying not to do business there anymore.
A Makes water taste so pure and clean
A replacement
A Best $ on the web for the replacement filters we needed!
A Time to replace
A Good deal on two pack of these filters for Wher25 system
A lowes does not carry these anymore
A time to change filters
A Returning, satisfied customer.
A replacement part
A Due to past use with good results
A I have a WHER25 RO water filter installed which requires new filters every 6 months. These are the filters. Duh.
A my home system uses it
A Factory Replacement Part
A Best Price I could find.
A To maintain my reverse osmosis system. I purchased from this company before and was satisfied with my experience.
A Necessary for my system
A Needed for under sink unit
A Good Quality Product
A does job
A to replace the old ones
A not stocked at store , lowes.
A I needed them
A Needed replacement for my water system
A need it
A They are the replacement filters for my system.
A found on internet and liked price
A Have been using this for a while and it works very well.
A This is the system already installed in the home we bought and it needed replacement filters
A Replacement pre and post filters for WHER25 reverse osmosis system I installed about a year ago.
A price
A Because it was in stock
A I have used this System for years. it works well
A good
A I chose this because it's the filer that I needed for my RO water treatment. Waterfiltersfast. com provides the lowest price for the item and shipping. They also maintain GREAT customer service if there is a problem. Truthfully, I've purchased from other vendors but WFF has been the best. That is why I keep coming back for this filter.
A These are the filters that go with my reverse osmosis water filtering system.
A Best prices on this hard to find filter in my area.
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