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Whirlpool WHEEDF UltraEase Undersink Filtration Replacement Filter WHED20
Whirlpool WHEEDF UltraEase Undersink Filtration Replacement Filter

Whirlpool WHEEDF UltraEase Undersink Filtration Replacement Filter WHED20


MFG ID: WHEEDF | UPC: 090259890477

Whirlpool WHEEDF Fiters 1 & 2, UltraEase Replacement Filters for WHED20 Dual Stage Drinking Water System, Includes Replacement Battery for EZ-Change Indicator Light (270 Gallons, 1022 Liters), for UltraEase Undersink Filtration With Faucet.

It is recommended that your replaced the WHEEDF filters every 6 months based on your water quality and usage. Capacity is 270 gallons. Also known as item number 129795 and 7286657.
Replacement Filters for WHED20 Dual Stage Drinking Water System
The Whirlpool WHEEDF Filter Pack has been NSF/ANSI Standard 42 & 53 Tested and Certified for the reduction of the following contaminants:
  • Sediment
  • Cysts
  • Chlorine Taste & Odor
  • Chemicals
  • Lead
  • Remove old filters and Replace with new filters
  • Flush system for 10 minutes.

Question & Answers

A Replace the battery in the base of the water dispenser with the battery that came with the new filters.
A Please refer to the users manual for battery replacement instructions. http://www.waterfiltersfast.com/WHER25_OM2.pdf
A In the package with the filters is a large quarter sized battery. On the head of the spout where the handle to turn it on is, there is a tiny Phillips head screw. Remove screw, pull out the module with the blinking LED on it and replace the battery, then reassemble.
Q I bought 2 filters model WHED20,[number 1&2, but i forget let water running from the filter number 1 or number 2 first ?.Please help me.Thank you.
A You need to install both filters in your two filter system and then turn the water on from your spigot for 10 min straight. that should do it.
A If you have not run any water yet since replacing the filters, you will find black particles in the water when you first run it. I don't think it is harmful. But I don't know for sure. I have always run the water for 10 minutes before drinking it. If you have run the water, then you will notice these black particles. Not much other then that.
Q can't get battery out to replace on the faucet sensor. What's the trick?
A I do not use the battery. I make a note in my calendar for replacement date.
A On mine, there is a small Phillips screw on the right side of the faucet. That allows a small circuit board to lift up. I then use small needle nose pliers to pull the battery out. Slide new one in and replace the board.
Q Anyone know if these filters can be recycled? If so, where? Thanks :-)
A As far we know they cannot be recycled. However if you contact Whirlpool @ 866-698-2538 they may be able to answer your questions.
A Sorry, I don't know
A I think not since they are filled with carbon and during the the recycling process the outer casing will melt releasing the innards into the heating vat discoloring the whole batch.
Q can I use the WHEERF filters instead of the WHEEDF?
A No you cannot interchange theses filters. the WHEERF filters are made for the WHER25 system and the WHEEDF filters are made for the WHED20 system.
Q in what order are these installed?
Q I have used this filtration system for several years, however, I just replaced the filters and the water tastes odd. I returned them and replaced them a second time and the water still tastes odd. Has anyone had this problem?
A It could be a number of things that is causing this problem. A link for the user manual has been provided below and may help you trouble shoot the problem. You can also call Ecodyne for technical support. http://www.ecodynewatertreatment.com/workspace//uploads/product-documentation/7278646eng_t.pdf
Q I buy two sets at a time to last a year.(WheedF) I picked up two new ones at Lowes today and the first filter changed out fine but the second one leaked. So I thought the filter may have been a bad one and opened the second pack. That one leaked also. Thats when I looked at the Female connection on the old secondary filter and the two new secondary filters, the holes are smaller on the new ones. Did the company get production mixed up?
A The production of this item has not changed. It sounds like you may have an O ring stuck in the system. The little rubber gaskets that are on the connections occasionally remain in the system preventing you from having secure, snug fit. Please check you old filter when removing and see if the gasket is still intact.
Q How do I change the battery? I have the front off but vantage figure out how to remove the old battery
A Battery Change 1. Loosen the screw on the right side of the faucet base. 2. Press the battery housing upwards from faucet base until it releases from the base. 3. Replace the battery (CR 2032 or equivalent). Place battery into the holder with the positive (+) side facing the back of the holder. 4. When the battery is first replaced the light in the base will flash six times and turn off. This indicates the battery is fully charged. After the six flashes the timer enters the 6 month time cycle. If it repeatedly flashes two times, the battery is weak and needs to be replaced. 5. Re-install the battery housing and firmly tighten the mounting screw
A at the bottom of light there is a small indent take a screwdriver and pick the light up and it will come out the battery is attach to this
A Grip the battery between your thumb and forefinger and pull. If you can't get a good grip, use pliers with light pressure on the battery.
Q Does the water have to be turned off when replacing filters?
A Just like your refrigerator filter, you don't have to turn the water Off. However, to be 100% safe and for your piece of mind, you can turn the water Off.
A No, it does not.
A No, there is some sort of magic in the under-sink unit. A few drops usually spill out, but no flood.
A No. Just don't run the faucet while changing.
Q What does it mean to flush the system for 10 minutes?
A Let the water run, in all items that use the filter system, like a water dispenser in the fridge door
A After removing the old filters and installing the new, turn the water on for 10 minutes. This clears any fine particles out of the new filter. I usually collect the water and water some plants.
A It means to run the water. Once you have the filters installed, turn on the tap/faucet, and let it just run for 10 minutes. It will probably start out by running very slow and weakly, but will pick up steam as the filters fill up with water and start filtering it efficiently.
A Turn the system on and let it run for 10 minutes. This is done to get the air out of the lines.
Q Why does my faucet unit make such hissing sounds after using system to obtain water?
A I have used this for 3 years, and not had that issue. I would say there is air in your line somehow! Check the hose under the sink to make sure it is not twisted. Sorry I could not be more help to you.
A If this happens after you changed the filters, you might have air trapped in the system. The solution is to keep using it and the air will eventually work it's out of the system.
Q I just replaced the pre/post filters and let it run for 24hrs. After waiting 4+ hours, the water comes out at a trickle. I've done this many times and have never had this issue. The only other thing I messed with was the red tube with the flow control thing. But all I did was take the red tube out then put it back in. Nothing should have been affected. Any ideas?
A I have never let the water run that long after replacing the filters. Usually after a couple of days of normal usage, the water comes our normally. It sounds like the issue is around taking out the tube from the spigot (I am assuming it is the spigot) My line is blue. I have not found a way to reuse the tubes once pulled out from the connection. I didn't find any guidance on this so if anyone has ideas, I would like to hear about it. I found that my spigot lasted about 2 years and I changed it. It was very easy to change. All you have to do is cut the tube and reinsert in the new spigot. great system.
A You may have Air in the line or filter. I've had the same problem, but it usually goes away with normal use over a day or so.
Q One filter has green and the other one has yellow tip .Do I have to install new filters in special sequence?
A I installed the new filters as in the past and, for some reason, the water had a strange taste to it. When I called Whirlpool, they suggested I try reversing the filters and it worked like a charm. So, it may not actually matter which positions the filters are in as long as all works well.
A Yes, it should be installed as per instruction. I think the filters have numbers on them. 1- is the first filter then the 2 will be the last filter.
A Yes, there is an order to installation. If you read on the front of the filters, they are labeled "filter 1 and filter 2". Facing the unit, filter 1 goes on the left and filter 2 goes on the right. Filter 1 should be the first filter that the water enters. Hope this helped.
A One of the filters says number 1 somewhere on it and the other one says number 2. On the top of the base under your sink it will also say 1 & 2. You just need to match them up,
Q When the filters were changed the no one filter started to leak. Why?
A You may have received a faulty filter.
Q can i use wheedf cartridges in place of wheerf cartridges?
A The WHEEDF are the replacement cartridges for the Whirlpool WHED20. The WHEERF are the replacement cartridges for the Whirlpool WHER25. The WHER25 is a reverse osmosis system which basically turns hard water soft. The WHED20 is a water filtration system which basically removes contaminants. These filter sets do completely different things.
Q whats the battery for?
A The battery is mounted inside your faucet base. This runs the LED indicator light which will flash continuously after 6 months has passed. This light tells you that it is time to replace your battery, prefilter, and post-filter.
Q How often should I change this system?
A An orange light starts blinking when it's time to change.
A The manufacturer recommends changing the filters every six months. I change mine every six months and the water flow and taste of the filtered water remains good throughout. If you change the battery included with the new filter pack the light on the faucet will begin to blink right about the six month mark. Changing the filters is a very simple procedure.
A The system is designed for cartridge replacement about every 6 months. There should be a light on the dispenser that comes on to remind you - check the battery at the base of the dispenser to make sure it is still alive. I waited a bit long the last time I changed it - (almost 12 months!) but that was a mistake. I did a taste test of water from tap, from the old filters, and from the new filters, and the water from the old filters had a musty unpleasant taste compared to the new filters, so definitely worth changing on schedule!
A At LEAST every 4-6months depending on usage. I find after about 4-5 months I start to notice a difference. Your incoming water source also factors in, so if it's especially bad, you may have to change it sooner.
A About every 6 months. Don't rely on the little timer thingy on the spigot. Just mark your calendar and away you go.
Q Why did you choose this?
A fast and easy with WaterFiltersFAST.
A Replacement
A Fits my filter system.
A These are the filters which fit our under sink secondary system, I love the efficiency of these filters
A Best solution for my needs for water drinking and cooking.
A it is the replacement filter for my system.
A We have had this filtration system for years now and am very pleased, love the ability to order the filters on line. Excellent service.
A Because I need a new filter.
A Free shipping
A Because it works!
A Purchase under sink housing at Lowes
A I thought the price was decent. I did not count on the high shipping price.
A good price and works great!
A It's a good filter with easy installation.
A It was not available at Lowes where I purchased the undersink water filter system.
A I have the Whirlpool model WHED20.
A price
A Part of an existing water filtration system in our house. Very cost effective solution compared to many options and much more convenient than filter pitchers or faucet attachments.
A It is a great filteration system
A It is the replacement filter for our home water filtration system
A Previous owners of our house left this unit, and we enjoy filtered water. This is the best price I found for this replacement model.
A great for our office - no bottled water to change
A We have this system and needed to replace our filters. We noted that all reviews of the system were good.
A Replacement for our system.
A It fits my filtration system
A Refill existing system
A This is the only filter replacemant I can use for my water filter.
A Lowest price on the web.
A came with the house
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