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Waterpik IR-70 Under Sink Water Filter
Teledyne Waterpik IR-70E Under Sink Water Filter

Waterpik IR-70 Under Sink Water Filter

Item SKU: IR-70

MFG ID: IR-70 | UPC: 073950305266

  • The Waterpik IR-70 under sink water filter reduces 99% of lead from your drinking water.
  • The Waterpik IR-70 reduces chlorine taste and odor.
  • The Teledyne Waterpik IR70 water filter is only for systems with a dedicated drinking water faucet because the flow rate through the filter is slower. The flow rate needs to be slower in order to increase the contact time needed for the filter to reduce lead.
  • The Waterpik IR-70 water filter fits in under sink water filter systems.
  • The Waterpik IR-70 water filter is easy to install in under sink water filter systems.
  • The Waterpik IR-70 water filter life is up to 1 year or 1,200 gallons. The Waterpik IR70 water filter life also depends on the quality of your water.
  • The Teledyne Waterpik IR-70 can be used in place of the Teledyne Waterpik IR-10A. Both filters have been discontinued. We are out of stock on the IR-10A, but the IR-70 can be used in its place.
  • If your system uses one IR-10A and one IR-70, you can purchase two IR-70 filters to use in your system. Or, you can purchase one IR-70 and one PS10-5M filter to use in your system.
  • 9 3/4 Length
  • Waterpik IF-10 (IF10) Water Filter System
  • Waterpik IF-10A (IF10A) Water Filter System
  • Waterpik IF-70 (IF70) Water Filter System
  • Waterpik IF-70E (IF70E) Water Filter System
  • Waterpik IF-100 (IF100) Water Filter System
  • Waterpik IF-100A (IF100A) Water Filter System
  • Waterpik IF-100B (IF100B) Water Filter System
  • Waterpik IF-100E (IF100E) Water Filter System

Question & Answers

Q i am trying to replace a water filter for an Instapure by Teledyne Waterpik, model IF-10. what do i use? cant find the exact match. please help! thanks
A I bought my IR-70 cartridge for my IF-100A dual cartridge water filter. But I see that the carton states that if it is used with an IF-10, it should be setup with a separate faucet, like drinking water only, not whole house, since the IR-70 has a flow restrictor on it. So the good news is that it will fit in your IF-10 or IF10A filter housing. Just follow the installation instructions and remember to clean out the filter housing with a little dilute bleach as they recommend in the instructions. Happy, healthy drinking!
A The WaterPik IR-10A, IR-10 Under Sink Replacement Water Filter Cartridge fits Model IF-10A, IF10, IF10A, IF 10, IF 10A and most standard (10 inch by 3 inch) under sink filter systems including the IF-100, IF100, IF 100, K-50, K50, Teledyne, Ametek, Culligan, Cuno, Omni, and Pollenex. However, it has been Discontinued by the manufacturer. WaterPik 1R-10A Dimensions: 9-7/8 inches (commonly called a 10 inch filter) long 2-15/16 inches (commonly called 3 inch filter) in diameter The Hydronix HDG-P117 can be used in AquaPure AP11, AP11T, AP101, AP101T, AP12, AP12T, AP2610, AP1610, AP51T and any other filter system that calls for a standard size (9 3/4" X 2 5/8") small diameter 5 micron filter such as Ametek, American Plumber, GE, Pollenex, Sears and WaterPik. The HDG-P117 is a compatible replacement for your system.
Q Why did you choose this?
A its the only filter I can use.
A Only place I could find that still carries it.
A Good quality filter.
A price
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