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Water Sentinel WSM-1 Water Filter Cartridge - (Maytag UKF7003 Compatible) - 3 Pack
WaterSentinel WSM-1 Maytag Compatible Filter Cartridge - 3 Pack

Water Sentinel WSM-1 Water Filter Cartridge - (Maytag UKF7003 Compatible) - 3 Pack

Item SKU: WSM-3


Water Sentinel WSM-1 Water Filter Cartridge - (Maytag UKF7003 Compatible) - 3 Pack

The Water Sentinel WSM-1 water filter should not be used with water that is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality, without adequate disinfection before and/or after the filter. The WaterSentinel WSM-1 refrigerator filter is designed to provide up to six months of life or 416 gallons. The WSM-1 refigerator replacement filter comes with silicone lubricant to ensure a leak-free seal.
  • Flow Rate: .5 gpm/1.89 lpm
  • Operating Temperature: 33 F to 100 F (0.6 C to 38 C)
  • Minimum Operating Pressure: 30 psi (207 kPa)
  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 100 psi (689 kPa)
  • Life: 6 months or 416 gallons (1,575 liters)

Question & Answers

Q Does this brand remove the same contaminants as the original maytag brand filter?
A I have used this filter for a few years now and from what I can tell these remove the same contaminants as the OE filters do. Best part is these are cheaper than the OE filters.
A As far as I'm concerned, this filter works just as well as the maytag filter. I replace it on a yearly basis as we don't use that much of the filtered water from the fridge, nor do we use a large quantity of ice.
A Both reduce chlorine, tastes, and odors. The original Maytag says it also reduces lead, cysts, and sediment. Both boxes say that the filter should not be used with water that is "microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality without adequate disinfection before or after the system." The Maytag filter is rated for 30 to 125 psi operating pressure, while the Water Sentinel is rated 30 to 100 psi. I've never had a problem with the Water Sentinel leaking, though we don't have particularly high water pressure to begin with. Also, the Maytag filter comes in three models: UKF7001AXX, UKF7002AXX, and UKF7003AXX, which seem to be somewhat interchangeable. The 7001 is rated for 250 gallons capacity (because it has no Filter Change Indicator) and the 7002 and 7003 are both rated for 416 gallons. The Water Sentinel has a single filter model that replaces all three Maytag models, and it is rated for 300 gallons.
A The original Maytag will remove more contaminants as it is certified by NSF International against ANSI / NSF Standards 42 and 53. The Water Sentinel brand only meets NSF Standard 42.
Q Why did you choose this?
A This filter did not replace my puriclean filter as staded on web page.
A Reorder
A I have used this product before, and liked it.
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