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Water Sentinel WSG-1 Refrigerator Filter | GE MWF / GWF Compatible
WaterSentinel WSG-1 GE SmartWater MWF Compatible Filter Cartridge

Water Sentinel WSG-1 Refrigerator Filter | GE MWF / GWF Compatible


MFG ID: WSG | UPC: 718122037674

Fits GE and Hotpoint refrigerators with a round white plastic filter mounted inside the refrigerator compartment above the top shelf.
  • Flow Rate: 0.5 gallons per minute
  • Operating Pressure: 30 - 100 psi
  • Operating Temperature: 33 - 100 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Filter Type: Carbon Block
  • Water Sentinel Part Number: WSG-1
      Will Not Fit In New Refrigerators Purchased After January 1, 2014

Compatible with refrigerators that use any of the following part numbers:
  • GWF
  • GWF01
  • GWF06
  • GWFA
  • GERF-100
  • HWF
  • HWFA
  • MWF
  • MWFA
  • WSG-1
Removes the following contaminants:
  • Chlorine
  • Bad Taste and Odor
  • Sediment
  • Does not remove fluoride

Question & Answers

Q Does this filter work like the original filter?
Q Is this filter as good as a factory GE filter?
A Yes, I never buy the factory GE filter.
A I have had no problems with this generic filter. It seems to work as well as the factory GE filter.
A Works fine. Usually these kind of commodity items are all made at the same factory (don't know this for sure with this product) with different brands put on them depending on who the customer is.
A I think so
A My family can tell when the filter needs to be changed. These Water Filter Fast units last longer and taste just the same as the original GE ones.
Q What is filtered out of water?
A Label states that it removes or reduces chlorine, testes and odors and that it is tested to ANSI Standard 42 for such reduction. It doesn't say much beyond that.
A According to the label, it "removes Chlorine, bad tastes and odors".
Q whats is the shipping cost?
A Shipping is $5.00 Flat Rate Shipping for orders under $99.00 and Free Shipping for orders $99.00 and over if shipping within the 48 Contiguous United States. For International Orders: Shipping costs are calculated at the time of Checkout process. It depends on the location and what items and quantities are being purchased. Please note that you have not officially placed your order at this point. At this stage of the Checkout process, you will merely be finding out what your total order costs would be. It is not until you enter your method of payment and the payment is processed, that the order is officially placed.
Q does this item fit the ge refrigerator without an adater? Thank you.
A You must use the adapter.
A It fit mine without any adapter.
A Yes. I have a GE Model # GSH25ISXB. It has a Smart Water filter hook up in the upper right corner of the top shelf. Hope that helps!
A This filter screws right into MY GE refrigerator. No adaptor required.
A I'm not sure of your model or age, but it fit my new ge fridge without any adapter and went on like a charm. Hope this helps!
A Yes, no problem. Works well.
A Yes, these work great! I buy multiples whenever I need a new filter & no problem in our ge fridge. No adapter needed.
A I haven't used it yet. My old filter is still good for another month.
Q Does this require an adaptor for GE side by side or does it just screw in?
A If you are currently using the MXRC filter in your refrigerator then you will need the GE Adapter to use the WSG-1. This is the same adapter required if you were to install a GE MWF filter in a refrigerator that used the GE MXRC. The adapter is simply the top 'spout' of the filter, which the MWF/WSG-1 don't come with, but the MXRC has built into it's design.
A This filter twists in the same as the original but be aware that it did not work in my fridge and I had to order the original at Home Depot price from this seller.Was it an isolated faulty filter ? I was not going to take a chance because you have to send the faulty filter back each time. Water would not come out.'
A It just screws in on my GE side-by-side. Nothing else needed.
A I have never needed an adapter, it just screws in. About a quarter turn is all it takes.
A Depending on your refrigerator model, it may or may not require an adaptor.
A requires an adaptor
A I needed no adapter for my side-by-side. It screwed in with no problems.
A it just screws in like the one that you are replacing. I used it in model #GSH25JGDB BB with no issues at all.
Q can i replace this ge mwf/gwf hotpoint hwf filter?
A Yes, if you look at the Replacements tab in the item description, you will see the HWF listed as a compatible replacement.
Q Why did you choose this?
A a lot less expensive than the name brand, hopefully it will last as long
A Price
A willing to try a replacement filter for the higher priced recommended filter.
A The price was much better. I am hoping it performs like the brand name one that cost twice as much. If it does I will be back to buy in bulk. Thank You
A Filtersfast were temporarily out. They are cheaper
A Lower price than GE filter
A I chose this item because I need to change my filter and it was a great price.
A internet search
A this is the filter we have in our office fridge, need a replacement
A Works as well as the GE brand and costs less. Even with shipping, price is less than I have found at local stores.
A Cheaper.
A excellent price
A buying the compatible 'sentinel' brand refrigerator brand to compare to GE brand
A The was the best deal after shopping around THANK YOU
A refrig needs a new filter
A It seemed laike a good value compared to the GE Name Brand Filter.
A Best price online
A Cheaper than the GE version
A Have used it successfully in the past.
A price,convenience and the company offering the choice between this filter or OEM filter both at an excellent saving.
A I needed it to replace an existing filter. The price was right.
A It was cheaper but didn't work. When installed, it leaked water everywhere.
A Trying to save by using generic. Hope it works.
A Going to give these a try because of price . Will let you know if they are a deal or not.
A Well I guess I'm not able to say other than the low cost. So... I sure hope they work like those folks said in their reviews. If they do then I will write my own review for others to read. And if they don't then I guess I'll do what needs to be done then. Thank You
A First time with this brand but like the price
A This is what was showing on the email reminder when I received it.
A Ease of purchase; quick and simple.
A Excellent price for these filters, I have paid over $30 each the last time I bought them.
A Less expensive than others and works fine for me.
A I have had good luck with this product and the price is the cheapest I've found to date.
A Going to try out to see how well it works and how long it lasts. The genuine GE MWF filter only lasts about 3-3.5 months. At $45 a piece from Home Depot, I thought I would try the Water Sentinel Filter.
A It is compatible with my fridge at a better price than the GE model.
A less costly then oem filter
A needed it for my fridge
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