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WSG-1 (GE MWF / GWF Compatible) Water Sentinel Refrigerator Water Filter - 3 Pack
WaterSentinel WSG-1 GE SmartWater MWF Compatible Filter - 3 Pack

WSG-1 (GE MWF / GWF Compatible) Water Sentinel Refrigerator Water Filter - 3 Pack

Item SKU: WSG-3


WSG-1 (GE MWF / GWF Compatible) Water Sentinel Refrigerator Water Filter - 3 Pack

Fits GE and Hotpoint refrigerators with a round white plastic filter mounted inside the refrigerator compartment above the top shelf.
  • Flow Rate: 0.5 gallons per minute
  • Operating Pressure: 30 - 100 psi
  • Operating Temperature: 33 - 100 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Filter Type: Carbon Block
  • Water Sentinel Part Number: WSG-1
           Will Not Fit In New Refrigerators Purchased After January 1, 2014
Compatible with refrigerators that use any of the following part numbers:
  • GWF
  • GWF01
  • GWF06
  • GWFA
  • GERF-100
  • HWF
  • HWFA
  • MWF
  • MWFA
  • WSG-1
Removes the following contaminants:
  • Chlorine
  • Bad Taste and Odor
  • Sediment
  • Does not remove fluoride

Question & Answers

Q GE brand filter says it lasts 6 months. How often to you have to replace these off-brand filters?
A Depends on your usage, but I get roughly six months before it needs changing
A I believe replacement is dictated by usage rather than the calendar. We use LOTS of water and ice cubes in our household and I replace in 3 or 4 month cycle. I see no difference between these filters and the GE brand other than a few more pennies in my pocket.
Q The instructions tell you to run the water for 5 minutes after replacing. After the 3rd jug, very warm water started to come out of the dispenser. Is this normal?
A The filter doesn't affect the water temperature. Since the water ran for 5 minutes the new water coming through the line hasn't had enough time to cool. Some refrigerators have a reservoir tank and would be the same scenario that it hasn't had enough time to cool. Allow 24 hours for the water to cool again.
Q I have a GE refrigrator that requires the MWF smart water filter and I would like to know if your company guarantees that this Water Sentinel will fit my refrigerator?
A The WSG-1 fit my refrigerator perfectly (used to by GE MWF), but they are a lot cheaper, and that's all I've been buying since, As a matter of fact, I just placed an order for a 6 pack a few minutes before I wrote a review on this filter.
A Fits perfectly and better price.
A I have used the Water Sentinel filters in my GE refrigerator for 2 years , and they have performed as well as the GE filter that came with it.
A Whatever I bought and have been buying is working just fine with my GE Profile refrigerator.
A Worked on my GE refrig. Was a little cheaper here. Phyllis Mcg
A It works great in mine. I've been using them in my home and my rental for years.
A These filters are 100% compatible with the GE filters. I've had no problems with them at all. They dont seem to last quite as long as the GE filters but the price difference makes up for it.
A My GE is a model HSS251FMB WW and the MWF filters fit my refrigerator. I recommend you compare your model # against WaterFiltersFast filter chart to verify the filters fit your model.
A I would suggest your local Lowes or other home store (i.e. Home Depot) that carries the original GE part. Although the Water Sentinel filter is guaranteed, and I also received assistance from the manufacturer, their filter did not work for me. I will buy only the original GE filter for my refrigerator.
Q the water coming from the filteration has a chemical taste? why
A I've used these filters for a while and have not noticed any chemical taste. Are you leaving the filter in too long or perhaps experiencing heavy use?
A I had that happen with one filter last year. I replaced it and flushed all the water out of he reservoir. No more funny taste. I complained and got a replacement filer at no charge.
A I have been using these filters for a couple of years, and have never detected a chemical taste. Perhaps there is something in your water supply?
Q Why did you choose this?
A Used before and they work great.
A price
A Price
A price compared to GE filters
A Great price!
A Price
A Less Expensive.
A NO BRAINER!! Compatible product at a lower price. Hopefully the product is equal to the GE product with no distortion to the taste of the water.
A Its a compatable fitler without spending $70.00 every 6 months at the local appliance store.
A Right price and shipping charges
A Cheaper, right quantity
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