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WHEERM R/O Membrane for WHER25 Whirlpool Ultraease systems WHEERM5

WHEERM R/O Membrane for WHER25 Whirlpool Ultraease systems WHEERM5


MFG ID: WHEERM | UPC: 090259890453

The Whirlpool UltraEase Reverse Osmosis Membrane WHEERM (WHEERM5) is the replacement membrane for the WHER25 Reverse Osmosis System. It is a thin film composite (TFC) membrane.

WHEERM has been certified and tested against NSF/ANSI standard 58 for the reduction of total dissolved solids and organic matter and has a rejection rate of 90-95%.

WHEERM typically lasts a year, depending on your water's pH level and hardness. The membrane, also known as 129801 & 7296123 should be replaced after a decrease in water pressure or quality.  Also replaces Kenmore 42-38577.

Question & Answers

Q how often must you replace the r/o membrane?
A I'll go with Fedor's schedule...especially going by the smell/taste
A I replace it once a year. It also depends on type of water you have and the amount you use. If water starts to taste weird you should replace it. Try to replace pre and post filters every six month and you will prolong membrane filters life.
Q What is the small disk battery included with the filters used for?
A It is to replace the battery that is up beside where you turn the water off and on. It resets the timer that flashes to remind you that it is time to change your filters. There is one small screw that holds it in.
A It's a 6 month reminder beep to replace the filters.
A It powers your 6 month replacement alert
A Some filter systems come with a faucet that has a "timer" that uses the battery. The timer turns on a reminder light at the end of 6 months so you will know when to replace the filters.
Q how do we recycle replaced filters?
A There isn't much information on how to recycle a used filter right now. If you contact Whirlpool they may have a program in place. They can reached at 866-698-2538
Q Is this the factory original part?
A Yes. It's Whirlpool Brand.
A Since it bears the Whirlpool logo and comes sealed I would say yes, it is a factory original replacement R/O membrane.
A Yes, it's a factory original part.
A The filters I've bought from the site were the Whirlpool brand.
Q what is the flow rate per minute in mil liters ?
A Who Cares?
A Product (quality) water, 24 hours (1) 14.53 gal. (55 liters) on the WHER25 system.
Q No water coming thur sys Tank is empty. Trouble shooting what to do?
A When that happened to my unit, it turned out that all the filters were clogged with a very fine silt. The city decided to clean some pipes and the resulting fine silt clogged my system totally. First replace the middle reverse osmosis filter. If that doesn't work replace the other two and see if that remedies the problem. If that doesn't do it your entire system is most likely clogged with silt or a fine sand. If that's the case everything needs to be taken apart and cleared/cleaned. Good Luck, I hope it's the easy 1 filter fix.
A Impossible to answer question without more specific info. For instance, has system ever been properly installed? Has it ever delivered water? What have you tried?
A One possible cause is not enough water supply pressure or a leak in the system. Pressure slowly builds up and will take 1 to 2 hours to fill the tank with water.
Q Why did you choose this?
A goes with my system. Thought it was in the filter set but it was not. waited for a sale.
A free shipping
A because we puchased the whirlpool reverse osmosis drinking water system model wher25
A direct replacement
A needed for the RO I have.
A Needed this filter
A Low price!
A Needed it
A Past use
A my home system uses it
A internet ease
A To maintain my reverse osmosis system. I have purchased from this company before and was satisfied with my experience.
A Necessary for my system
A Needed for under sink unit
A Good quality product
A completes job
A to replace the old one
A not stocked at store i bought the system at, Lowes.
A Needed replacement for my water system
A need it
A price
A Because it was in stock
A I have used this System for years. it works well
A Time to replace filter
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