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Vornado MD1-0001 Humidifier Filter

Vornado MD1-0001 Humidifier Filter



This  Compatible” Vornado MD1-0001 Humidifier Wick Filter 2-Pack features antimicrobial agent. The Vornado MD1-0001 Humidifier Wick Filters come in this cost-cutting 2-pack box.

Question & Answers

Q use distilled water? and wet the filter before using?
A no just regular water..
A I use regular water, the filters which are really wicks draw up the water on there own..
A Distilled water is best for filter longevity, but not necessary. I use tap water that has been through a water softener, so over time mineral deposits build up on the filter. In my experience, the best filter life correlates to never allowing the tank to run out of water. It is not necessary to wet filter prior to using. The water will wick up the filter just fine.
A Thank you, I have the older one as well, no instructions, and don't understand how the moisture releases. Oh, well. Thanks again. Nancy
A I use regular tap water in my humidifier. I have not had any issues with using this. I have never wet my filter. I purchased this humidifier so long ago that I truly do not know what the actual instructions said.
A No, I use tap water. I have never used a wet filter the first time. Only when I clean the humidifier with vinegar and water do I use it wet. Hope this helps you!
Q Is this price for one filter or for a 2-pack?
A 2-pack
A i bought the filters from you they weare a two pk
A 2 filters are included however they both must be used in the humidifier at the same time.
A It is for a 2 pack ( 2 filters ).
Q I have a vornado humidifier and need a new filter. The Model is EVAP1 (HU1-0021-28). I am not sure is this filter appropriate for my unit?
A You will need the MD1-0002 Vornado Humidifier filter (Item sku: VORNADOMD10002R), however, that item has been replaced with the Holmes HWF55.
A Yes the Vornado MD1-0001 Humidifier Filter is the replacement filter for the EVAP 1 (HU1-0021-28).
Q I have a vornado humidifier and need a new filter. The serial # is 1012944. Is this filter appropriate for my unit? If not can you direct me to the filter that will fit.
A Yes this filter will work. Be sure to order two (one for each side) as they only come with one.
A Yes this filter will work. Be sure to order two (one for each side) as they only come with one.
A I will need the model number of your unit to verify which filter that you will need. I can't look it up by the serial number.
Q Why did you choose this?
A Price
A best price
A i heard good things a bought you
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