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U-Line 402 Ice Maker Assembly Kit (UL402)

U-Line 402 Ice Maker Assembly Kit (UL402)

Item SKU: UL402

MFG ID: 67004-S | UPC:

U-Line UL402 Ice Maker Assembly Kit
  • The U-Line ice maker 402 is the replacement for most U-Line ice makers.
  • Kit includes Thermal Sealer.
  • 115V
  • Complete Icemaker Assembly for U-Line Models SP18, 45, 95 & 98.
  • Includes Alumilastic compound.

Question & Answers

Q I had water going into the ice bucket I turned the + - to - as far as it goes and still h2o in bucket turned to + past | line still h2o. motor has grinding noise thinking running slow timer not closing h2o valve fast Enough got new Ice Maker Assembly still h2o in bucket but not as much ????????? cant hear motor run at all but see it run just fine so motor had a problem
A Not sure what the question is but check to see if the ice maker is perfectly level
Q does this come with the aluminum calking?
A Yes, plenty of it.
A Yes. It is listed in the feature description.
A Comes with silicone mastic
Q Will this work with a BI-98 ice maker?
A Yes.
A I am unsure what a "B1-98" is. Ask Charles W. to give me more information.
A Yes it will. However the new replacement has a molex plug as a termination for the wires. If you have an older BI-98 the wires are attached with wire nuts. If that is the case then cut off the plug as the wire color code is the same as original.
A Yes, It is identical and I put it in mine.
A 402 assembly fits all under counter <20 lb / day ice makers. Send ma a real e-mail address and I can send up a PDF part listing & manual. ,Ralph
Q can you just get the front motor mechanism instead of the whole unit?
A I don't think so. Best bet is to call U Line Customer Service and find out. Also I have learned that the 402 that I bought for my home U-Line will not work in my boat U-Line.
A Yes
A I got the whole unit. It slipped in really easily.
A You can get individual parts...but the way everything works together...I think it is better to get the whole unit. Try to get the service and parts manual for your unit maybe emailed from U-line service or parts department. I had problem with the temp knob, and unit quit making ice. My problem was I replaced the entire top unit before figuring out it was the temperature control knob.
Q The mold Heater was a tube at the back of the mold - but a thin wire pulled away - it appears to exit out the back side of the unit. My question is - with the new assembly, does the heater have a new "filament" or does the one that pulled out, slip into the new unit's tube?
A The temp probe from the old one slips into the new one.
Q How does the mold heater wire attach? Mine slipped out when removing old unit.
A I may be wrong but here is my memory when I removed the defective ice maker and installed the new one. The heater that your refer "I believe" was the small tubular rod element that, upon removal, slid out of a larger tubular housing, part of the old ice maker... and likewise, the new ice maker had this same tubular housing that the heater slid into. If I am mistaken, then it was a thermal device that I speak which would monitor the temperature of the area. However, I do believe this was the heater element. Contact me if I can assist. J Jones
A If you are talking about the stiff wire that goes into the channel behind the icemaker, just start that wire as you slide the icemaker in place! Or you can pull that wire out the back and slide it in after!
A I attached mine with butt connectors to the old wires
A If the mold heater came off of the old ice maker, there's no need to try to install it, the new ice maker will already have the mold heater mounted to it. And as for the wire , I will need a more specified question.
A If the mold heater came off of the old ice maker, there's no need to try to install it, the new ice maker will already have the mold heater mounted to it.
A Do you mean the aluminum rod?
Q On your photo, it shows the wires loose where they would mannualy need to be attached to the current wires. Other websites show this U Line Model number with the quick connect attached to the end of the wires. Is your image accurate and why the difference in the same model number?
A Some models have disconnects and other do not. If you need too, clip off the connector and wire color to color. If there is a fifth wire clip off the tail and ignor it.
A Yes it was accurate. Had no problem installing it. The bare wires connected directly to a terminal strip on the old unit. Can't answer your question about differences. If I were to guess the unit with no connector would more readily attach to different units. If the connector doesn't fit your unit then you would have to cut it off and wire direct anyway. Hope this helps.
A The one I purchased had the connectors. I don't know if it changed.
A you have to feed the wires thru a small hole to the backside
Q is this item new?
A Yes, The one I received was new.
A Yes and has been working beautifully since I installed it. I had to adjust the water fill switch a little to get the right water level in the tray, very straight forward adjustment procedure.
A Yes
A ,this was a new item and they got it to me at a very reasonable price I was very happy with the service.
A This was I new item. I had been given information that I could replace this unit cheaper by using a Motorola unit from Lowes and omitting one of the wires. Well, 4units later I broke down and purchased the authentic uline unit and have had absolutely no problem!
A Yes.
A Yes, it is a new part.
A Yes
Q Will this model fit in a U-CO2175SS under-counter fridge?
A Your refrigerator requires part # 80-39010-00. Currently we do not carry this item but working with a supplier to obtain this product
Q what is the voltage on this ?
A 115 VOLT
A 120 volt AC
A The item is 115 volts.
Q what is the return policy?
A You can return merchandise up to 30 days after the purchase date. The merchandise must be unused, unopened, and include all the original parts and manuals. Any product that requires installation and has been installed is not eligible for return. Please inspect all of the products immediately after receiving them.
Q will the 402 ice maker kit fit my unit it is cm 45 a ?
A We would need the model number of the refrigerator to check that for you. We are not sure what you meant by cm 45 a.
Q Why did you choose this?
A good price
A It was the part I needed.
A replacement for non working one
A Found the item I needed and you had it ready to ship!
A mine stop working after 4 years
A old assembly was broken
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