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Trojan UVMax 660003-R Pro50 Ultraviolet Water Filter

Trojan UVMax 660003-R Pro50 Ultraviolet Water Filter

Item SKU: 660003-R

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Trojan UVMax 660003-R Pro50 Ultraviolet Water Filter

The Trojan UVMax 660003-R Pro50 Ultraviolet Water Filter makes a great valuable addition to your abode. With its UV technology, it destroys infectious organisms thereby making the water safe to drink. It helps in keeping your family healthy and protected from water-borne diseases. It is more effective than chlorine against a broader range of organisms.

The system controller is equipped with an intuitive interface allowing for ease of maintenance and troubleshooting for the operator. A newly designed UV sensor offers a more reliable reading of the UV intensity of the lamp.

The Pro50 series has been tested and validated under the USEPA UVDGM 2006 protocol and can be applied in any regulated type drinking water application. The system does have a validation certificate and report and is recognized as an acceptable alternative disinfectant under most drinking water regulations.

  • Application: Light Commerical
  • Flow Rate: 50 or 80 USGPM (depending on dose/inactivation credits needed)
  • Inlet/outlet port size: 2” MNPT
  • Electrical:120 V
  • Sensor: Yes
  • Validated: Yes- USEPA UVDGM 2006


  • Flow Rate(85% UVT eol)
    • NSF/EPA(40mJ/cm²):189.1 lpm(50.0 gpm)(11.3 m³/Hr)
  • Dimensions
    • Length:103.0 cm(40.6 ")
    • Diameter:10.0 cm(3.9 ")
    • Controller:33 x 16.5 cm(13" x 6.5")
  • Inlet/Outlet Port Size:2" MNPT
  • Electrical
    • Volts:120-240 V50-60Hz
    • Max. current:2.4 Amp
    • Power Consumption:230 W
    • Lamp Power:200 W
  • Operating Parameters
    • Maximum Operating Pressure:100 PSI(689 kPa)
    • Minimum Operating Pressure:10 PSI(69 kPa)
    • Ambient Temperature:0-40 °C(32-104 °F)
    • Maximum humidity:100 %
    • Maximum hardness:120 ppm(7 grains per gallon)
    • Maximum iron:0.3 ppm
    • Minimum UVT:85 %
  • Reactor Chamber Material:316L S.S.
  • UV Lamp Life:2 years
  • Validation:USEPA UVDGM validation protocol
  • Colour-coded plug and play connections:Yes
  • UV intensity monitor with diagnostic test:Yes
  • CoolTouch fan:Yes
  • Communications ports (two, RJ45):Yes
  • Controls
    • Audible alarm mute button:Yes
    • New lamp button:Yes
    • Lamp age indicator:Yes
    • Lamp operation indicator:Yes
    • Ballast operation indicator:Yes
    • Solenoid operation indicator:Yes
    • Fan operation indicator:Yes
    • Sensor reading indicator:Yes
  • Installation:Vertical

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