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Sub-Zero UC-15I Water and Ice Maker Filter - 7012333

Sub-Zero UC-15I Water and Ice Maker Filter - 7012333

Item SKU: 7012333

MFG ID: 7012333 | UPC:

Sub-Zero UC-15I Ice Maker Filter - 7012333
  • The Sub-Zero UC-15I Ice Maker Filter inhibits scale formation, filter sediment, and removes chlorine odor and taste.
  • The life expectancy of the water filter is 6 months during normal usage.
  • Works with the UC-15I Ice Maker

Question & Answers

Q When trying to change filter cartridge, the old one in the ice maker will not turn a quarter turn to release and come out. I'm afraid if I put too much pressure on it I will break it. What am I missing?
A Mine lifted out without a twist!
A If I recall correctly you have to push the filter in first slightly to release it and then turn it to have it popout. takes a little bit of force but not too much. Good luck. Examine the end of the new filter to see how it engages. Hope that helps
A I did have the same problem. I took a pair of pliars and put the jaws into the holes located at the end of the cartridge to help with making the 1/4 turn. You can be firm. It won't break it. Putting the new cartridge in was a piece of cake.
A Same thing happened to me. I thought I was a real dummy (LOL). Just keep working at it; it will eventually come out. Frankly, I think the entire filter change and ice maker cleaning process is not documented clearly enough. But I got through it; you will too.
A I took mine out, just need a little harder turn. Gene.
Q Does/can a spent filter interrupt the flow of water to the Sub Zero ice maker?
A In our case it didn't seem to interrupt or restrict flow at all and it went well past the recommended change time and we have horrible city water with an incredible amount of sediment. However, if u suspect it may be causing an issue then simply remove it - the icemaker will just bypass the filter and make ice without it.
Q Why did you choose this?
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