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Sterilight BA-ICE-S Ballasts Ultraviolet Lights

Sterilight BA-ICE-S Ballasts Ultraviolet Lights



Sterilight BA-ICE-S Ballasts Ultraviolet Lights

The Sterilight BA-ICE-S Ballasts Ultraviolet Lights offer both an audible and visual alarm that allows for simple troubleshooting in the field. With its tough construction, it ensures long-lasting and trouble-free years of performance. It is perfect combination of meaningful innovation and useful features.

Power cord sold separately. Part # 2600-10


  • Where Used: Silver "BASIC"
  • Input: Universal (100-250V./50-60 Hz.)
  • Alarm: Audible & visible
  • Dry Contacts: No

Question & Answers

Q Is this ballast the same as the ballast BA-ICE-3F and is it compatible with the Model S8QC system (8 GPM basic)?
A The BA-ICE-S is used in SQ-PA, S1Q-PA, S2Q-PA, S5Q-PA, S8Q-PA, S12Q-PA & "PAM" units.
A BA-ICE-3F is different from the ICE-S series. I have posted the models which utilize the ICE-3F series. Where Used: S2Q-/2, S2Q-GOLD-/2, S5Q-/2, S5Q-GOLD-/2, S8Q-/2, S8Q-GOLD-/2, S12Q-/2, S12Q-GOLD-/2, Input: Universal (100-250V./50-60 Hz.) Alarm: Audible & visible Dry Contacts: No PLEASE NOTE: This ballast is for use with OLD/OBSOLETE UV Systems.
Q I am getting an A-3 code on my BA-ICE-S don't have a manual and want to know what does this mean?
A I will need the model you are using with the BA-ICE-S to accurately answer your question. I would be happy to assist you with more information.
A LED display reads A3 ----- Lamplife expired - countdown is at "0" days. Press RESET button for a deferred alarm, replace UV lamp.
Q Why did you choose this?
A Proprietary replacement for a defected unit
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