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Samsung DA29-00020B Refrigerator Water Filter

Samsung DA29-00020B Refrigerator Water Filter

Item SKU: DA29-00020B

MFG ID: DA29-00020B | UPC: 036725569768

Replace with the Water Sentinel WSS-2

Samsung DA29-00020B Refrigerator Water Filter
Use this replacement filter with your Samsung refrigerator to provide clean, fresh-tasting water and ice from your side-by-side or French door refrigerator. Slim design allows for easy installation and removal; no tools required. For best results, replace your Samsung filter every 6 months.

This refrigerator water filter is used in select Samsung French door and side-by-side refrigerators with filter access inside the refrigerator. Simply turn the filter to the unlocked position (1/4 turn to the left) to remove and replace.  This filter fits Samsung model #RFG298HD.
Replace your Samsung Refrigerator water filter every 6 months to ensure clean, safe drinking water. 
The DA29-00020B will replace the following filters:

  • 04609101000
  • 09101
  • 46-9101
  • 469101
  • 9101
  • DA-97-08006A
  • DA-97-08006A-B
  • DA-97-08006B
  • DA29-00019A
  • DA29-00020A
  • DA2900019A
  • DA2900020A

  • DA97-08006A-B

While retaining beneficial fluoride, this NSF Certified refrigerator water filter reduces:
  • 97.4% of Chlorine
  • 98% of Particulates (Class I)
  • 99.3% of Lead at pH 6.5
  • 99.3% of Lead at pH 8.5
  • 94.6% of Atrazine
  • 96.7% of Benzene
  • 99% of Asbestos
  • 99.99% of Cysts
  • 99% of Lindane
  • 99.1% of Turbidity

Question & Answers

Q how do you replace the filter?
A Unscrew old filter and screw in new one. Very simple and easy to do.
A To replace the water filter, turn off the water to the refrigerator/icemaker, then turn the filter ¼ turn to the left and pull it out. Insert the new filter and turn ¼ turn to the right. You can now turn on the water to your system.
A I just turn to the unlock position and pull it out. Then I put the new one in and turn it to the lock postion. Very easy. I do not even turn off the water to fridge. I then run a gallon or so of water to get the air bubbles out.
A Well you simply turn the knob on the bottom front. This is located kind of between the produce drawers and the deli drawer. I have a little trouble turning it by hand, although my husband doesn't. So I uses a tool for ex. pliers. You don't have to worry about damaging the little grip thingy because it stays on the filter. So after you turn it, following the directions on the filter, you simply pull it out and insert the new one. The directions are simply for that. Just insert, turn to lock and it is in place. These came with a little sticker to put on the gripper thingy showing when it was changed. Hope this helps.
Q Is this a genuine Samsung OEM filter?
A Yes, this a genuine OEM Samsung filter.
A As far as I can tell, this is a genuine Samsung filter. The package has a Samsung logo that says "Samsung genuine parts". I have had no problems with this particular filter.
Q When available?
A Currently we have no ETA as for a restock date but we do carry a compatible filter that performs the same by a different manufacturer. And is made in the USA. http://www.waterfiltersfast.com/WSS-2-Water-Sentinel-Refrigerator-Filter-Samsung-DA29-00020A-DA29-00020B-Replacement_p_7134.html
A So, you said that that Water Sentinel filter filters less than the Samsung filter, but the Water Sentinel B filter filters more than the Water Sentinel A filter. How does the Water Sentinel B filter compare with the Samsung HAF-CIN? Which one filters the most "stuff" out of our water?
A Looks like the same filter
A Yes, you can use either filter. The difference is the B filters a little more than the A.
Q My filter says DA29-00020A. I see there is a different filter with this replacement cartridge, however, the picture of the .....20B looks like the one I have. Which one do I buy or are they interchangeable?
A Danyel, The 20A and 20B are interchangeable. You can feel confident using this filter in place of the one that came with the fridge. Thom
A The Water Sentinel version of the Samsung filter is compatible. They filter the same and the only difference is the manufacturer. And they are made in the USA.
Q Does your $5.00 flat rate shipping allow to ship to Australia and will this filter fit to Samsung fridge model SRF 801GDLS and when do you think you will have further stock ?. Thank you.
A Shipping costs are calculated at the time of Checkout process. It depends on the location and what items and quantities are being purchased. Once you have added your items to the cart you will need to click on the International Customers tab which will bring you to the Bongo International shipping link. Shipping costs will be calculated at that time. The $5.00 shipping flat rate fee is for orders that will shipped within the 48 contiguous states.
Q What is the different between DA29-00020B Refrigerator filter and DA29-00020B Refrigerator water filter? The filters are the same?
A If you are referring to the Water Sentinel version yes they are the same just a different manufacturer. Filters the same and is made in the USA. Great saving too! http://www.waterfiltersfast.com/WSS-2-Water-Sentinel-Refrigerator-Filter-Samsung-DA29-00020A-DA29-00020B-Replacement_p_7134.html
Q Once I replace the filter how long does it take to the red light turn off?
A You will need to refer to your owners manual for instructions on how to reset the filter light.
A You have to manually reset the filter led by pressing it and holding until the red turns off.
Q where is the filter located the french door type of refrigerator thank you .?
A It is also located in between the crispers on the 2014 Samsung French door model.
A Located below the crisper on bottom/right corner of refrigerator.
Q Where does one get the filter specs. Is this from the manufacture?
A Samsung DA2900020B / Samsung HAFCIN Refrigerator Filter specifications: Flow Rate: Approx. 0.75 GPM Micron Rating: 0.5 microns Function: Chemical/Mechanical Capacity: 300 Gallons or 6 months Dimensions: 8 7/8 inches x 2 inches (9.25 inches without tip) Operating Temperature: Min. 34 F; Max. 100 F Operating Pressure: Min. 30 PSI; Max. 125 PSI This NSF Certified refrigerator water filter reduces: 97.4% of Chlorine 98% of Particulates (Class I) 99.3% of Lead at pH 6.5 99.3% of Lead at pH 8.5 94.6% of Atrazine 96.7% of Benzene 99% of Asbestos 99.99% of Cysts 99% of Lindane 99.1% of Turbidity This does not remove fluoride The manufacturer is Samsung The country of Origin is Korea.
Q will this filter fit the Samsung Side-by-Side Model Code RSG307AARS/AA?
A Yes this works fine. Just be sure to turn off the water at the valve before installing as an extra precaution. I do this so not to put pressure on the seal.
A Yes, this is the correct filter for your model of refrigerator. Past customers that have the same product also get a chance to put in their answers. They can get a discount off their next order by doing so.
A I sent one email question, and I received three replies. Why are there THREE DIFFERENT answers from THREE DIFFERENT "replyers" to my one submitted question from your web site?
A No, it won't fit into that refrigerator. You need to get following water filter, DA27-00022B.
A Yes, that is the filter I use for the same model refrigerator. They work well and are easy to install.
A It looks like the same filter that I use on my Samsung.
Q What is the weight of the filter, and is it all charcoal?
A Cartridge weighs 430 grams and as far as I can tell it is all charcoal.
Q WSS-2 VS DA29-00020B what is the difference and how will this work with my new smasung refrigerator?
A It works fine. I did notice a slightly lower water pressure on the dispenser after I installed the new filter
A The Water Sentinel version is a compatible filter for the Samsung filters. The Water Sentinel version is NSF 42 certified only while the Samsung ones are NSF 42 and 53 certified. The NSF 53 certification removes more contaminants.
A Other than price, the only difference I see is the shape of the end for twisting the filter into place. Works the same, but looks different.
A To my knowledge, the filters are the same, function and fit is the same. Private label vs Samsung label.
A Its the same filter. They just renumbered it.
Q Hello You send to Israel? If so please return me an answer as soon as possible Thanks
A No, we do not ship to Israel.
Q Does this filter reduce arsenic?
A While retaining beneficial fluoride, this NSF Certified refrigerator water filter reduces: 97.4% of Chlorine 98% of Particulates (Class I) 99.3% of Lead at pH 6.5 99.3% of Lead at pH 8.5 94.6% of Atrazine 96.7% of Benzene 99% of Asbestos 99.99% of Cysts 99% of Lindane 99.1% of Turbidity This filter does not reduce arsenic.
Q Why did you choose this?
A Exact product match to what I was looking for. Easy to use Website.
A This is the filter required for my appliance
A Good filter
A Your price is better than Samsung's for the OEM filter
A I could not find it locally, and I live in a large city -
A it is the filter that was original equipment on our fridge
A They have the filter I need in stock. Also I could pay with pay pal
A Need it for my Refer.
A Unfortunately it is difficult to determine which filter is the correct one for your refrigerator and availability extremely limited.
A Need it for a replacement
A Great company, great prices, quick shipping.
A This water filter works great in my frig.
A Price is better than a store.
A I bought this one before shipment came quickly And product easy to use and works well
A OE Replacement
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