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Refrigerated Drinking Fountains

Refrigerated Water Fountains

A refrigerated water fountain is a familiar sight in many places. We offer superior quality refrigerated drinking fountains that are a welcome sight in many offices, schools, and stores. In fact, the refrigerated drinking fountains available in our inventory have many desirable features.

The refrigerated water fountains in our selection have a design that prevents water from collecting in the basin. Water that collects in the basin of a fountain can overflow creating puddles of water on the ground beneath the device. This may cause injury to someone using the fountain. The refrigerated water fountains in our inventory operate in a clean, efficient way.

Our refrigerated water fountains have a sturdy construction that is easy to clean. In a busy environment, a water fountain must be durable. Our refrigerated drinking fountains have a solid, stainless steel surface that is easy to clean. A steel frame is another desirable feature of our refrigerated water fountains. The refrigerated drinking fountains in our selection are able to endure the nicks and bumps that happen in a busy public environment.

A customer who buys a refrigerated drinking fountain from our selection is getting an item that is both practical and attractive. The drinking fountains we sell have a brushed stainless steel finish. This gives them a modern appearance that fits into many different environments. In addition, each refrigerated water fountain in our selection is neutral in color making them perfect for any professional decor.

Another desirable feature of our refrigerated drinking fountain selection is that they are environmentally friendly. A refrigerated drinking fountain doesn't require the use of plastic cups. That means fewer plastic cups in landfills. Also, the presence of a refrigerated water fountain means that a drink of cold water is readily available to anyone who wants one!

The refrigerated drinking fountains in our selection are made by trusted manufacturers such as Oasis. For decades, Oasis has been in the business of making quality drinking fountains and other related products. We offer products made by Oasis because we know it’s a brand that our customers trust. Take a few minutes to shop our inventory of reliable refrigerated water fountains today!

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