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Polyspun 5 Micron Grooved Whole House Water Filter - Replaces AP110

Polyspun 5 Micron Grooved Whole House Water Filter - Replaces AP110

Item SKU: SGC-25-1005


The Polyspun 5 Micron Grooved Whole House Water Filter Cartridge filters dirt and rust from your water. 

  • Cartridge size 9 3/4" X 2 5/8"
  • 5 Micron Rating
  • 8 Gallon per minute Flow Rate
  • Max Temp: 100 Degrees
This filter needs to be replaced every 6 months. 

The Polyspun 5 Micron Grooved Whole House Water Filter is a direct replacement for Whirlpool cartridge WHCF-GD05 and WHKF-GD05.  Also known as 5620406 and 56204-06.  It is also a direct replacement for the Aqua-Pure AP110, or AP-110.

The Polyspun 5 Micron Grooved Whole House Water Filter fits whole house systems AP101T, AP11, AP101, AP102 as well as any other filter housings that meet the same size requirements.

Question & Answers

Q Is there a comparable charcoal filter? Is there a comparable filter that is a multipurpose filter?
A It has been my experience that charcoal filters clog much too rapidly for whole house use with my well water condition. I have a water softener and I noticed no difference in water quality after switching away from charcoal filters and over to the polyspun filters. However, these filters are before my softener. If polyspun filters are not used in conjunction with a softener in your situation, they may not be sufficient. But if you're asking if there is a charcoal filter that "fits" in the same housing as the polyspun filter, I don't know. I only know that I have had years of success with these filters in my application. Hope this helped.
A This is the charcoal filter we use.... http://www.waterfiltersfast.com/Hydronix-HDG-P117-Premium-Chlorine-Filter-Replaces-Aqua-Pure-AP-117_p_2274.html It fits the same type of housing as the Polyspun 5 micron filter. I'm not sure what you mean by a "multi-purpose" filter, but I consider the Polyspun 5 micron filter to be a general purpose filter. We use them as a pre-filter in front of the charcoal filters to keep the debris out of the charcoal filters and help them last longer. We have two filter housings in series. The first one holds the Polyspun 5 filter, which does a great job of removing rust, sand, and all the other debris that comes out of our well. The second one is a double size housing that holds two charcoal filters, which do a great job of reducing tastes and odors. I hope that helps.... ,
Q Why did you choose this?
A I compaired Price from other vendors
A It is a very reasonable cost for an item that works just as well as the name brand alternative.
A Price
A Price
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