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Oasis PFVC2LRHK - 504349 - Aqua Bar II Ultra Point-of-Use Water Cooler with In-Tank UV and Green Filter System (Bottleless Water Cooler)

Oasis PFVC2LRHK - 504349 - Aqua Bar II Ultra Point-of-Use Water Cooler with In-Tank UV and Green Filter System (Bottleless Water Cooler)


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The Oasis PFVC2LRHK is part of the Oasis Aqua Bar II Series Point-of-Use water coolers. The Aqua Bar II Series is designed to provide the most sophisticated approach to your water cooler needs. The Oasis PFVC2LRHK offers superior technology to deliver safe, great tasting water every time. With the available four gallon stainless steel reservoir, the Aqua Bar II Series is perfect for reverse osmosis applications. The Aqua Bar II Deluxe and Ultra models can have a variety of filter options installed, including: the Oasis Green Filter System, Reverse Osmosis (RO), and In-Tank Ultraviolet (UV) filtration systems. These filter options allow you to have the best tasting and freshest water to drink. 

The PFVC2LRHK offers three faucets; one that dispenses hot water for tea, hot chocolate, instant soups, etc., another that dispenses room temperature water for cooking, and the final one that dispenses chilled water for drinking. The Aqua Bar II Series has a stylish and contemporary look allowing, this water cooler to look good in any setting. 

Dimensions: 12.75" Wide x 16.75" Deep x 45.13" High 

Product Specifications

Stylish, Contemporary Cabinet: 
Modern cabinet design accented by charcoal grey or satin silver accent trim with either a carbon fiber look or marble style panel depending on model. Sleek injection molded ABS plastic top and front with removable metal side panels. Holes are pre-drilled on cabinet side for a cup dispenser. 

Water Dispensing System: 
Easy to use buttons located on front display panel for tri-temperature dispensing for hot, cold and/or ambient temperatures. Large faucet alcove for filling sports bottles and carafes. 

Cold Water Refrigeration Unit: 
Convection-cooled condenser, internally spring-mounted hermetically sealed compressor with automatic overload protector. 

Water Reservoir System: 
Cold Water Reservoir - Four gallon, non-removable 300 Series stainless steel tank with external copper refrigerant coil encased in molded foam insulation. Hot Water Reservoir - 33.8 ounce, 300 Series stainless steel tank with 450 watt element. 

Chilling Capacity: 
Two gallons of 50ºF water per hour (43 x 6 oz. cups). 

Heating Capacity: 
Over two gallons of piping hot water per hour (45 x 6 oz. cups). 

Hot Water Safety Faucet: 
Faucet with safety button requires a two-step action that is simple for adults to use, but helps to protect small children. 

Drip Receptor: 
Large capacity drip tray lifts out for easy removal and is dishwasher safe. 

Molded side handles and rear rollers allow agile movement and installation. 

Leak Detector with Automatic Water Shut-Off Valve: 
Shuts off water to unit if a leak is detected. 

Advanced Electronic Control System: 
Adjustable hot/cold water temperature with "Off" position.
Hot booster function for tea.
Night setback energy saver.
Digital clock.
Control lock-out feature.
In-Tank Ultraviolet (UV) System: 
Aqua Bar II Ultra Series comes with the most effective UV technology in the market. This system is positioned inside the cold water reservoir, where much longer exposure insures the UV light source keeps the stainless steel tank and its contents clean. To maintain the system operating at maximum effectiveness, the Aqua Bar II incorporates an end-of-life UV lamp monitor, indicating the time to replace the lamp, preventing its normal intensity degradation from falling below its ability to destroy potentially harmful organisms. 

Green Filter System: 
Oasis introduced its environmentally friendly Green Filter water filtration system, in keeping with Oasis’ concern for the environment. The Green Filter features a completely re-usable housing and replaceable bio-degradable carbon filter elements, which contrasts with other filter cartridges where a large plastic housing ends up in the landfill, never to decompose. 

The Green Filter water filtration system has a triple stage configuration, providing the highest quality filtration possible with a cartridge filter system. The first sediment stage separates large particles like dust and dirt from the water. The second stage carbon block traps lead, chlorine and other elements which are typically the cause of poor taste and water quality. In the third stage, water passes through a ceramic filter blocking very small contaminants like bacteria and cysts. 

Warranty: (Within the Continental Limits of the United States and Canada) Limited three year warranty. Three years on the sealed refrigeration system and most component parts. Detailed warranty certificate enclosed with each water cooler

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