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Monitoring one's water quality and use is essential for responsible and healthy living. Total dissolved solids meters, or TDS meters, measure particles in the water, including, but not limited to, salt and minerals, like calcium and magnesium. TDS monitors then produce data in parts per million (ppm), to alert the reader to the waters mineral and particle contents.

Consumers should be aware that even the best TDS monitors may not detect all particles. For example, organic solids and microscopic particles may not affect the conductivity of the water being tested and may not register in the total dissolved solids monitor's reading.

Using a TDS meter can help alert one to elevated mineral and particle content in their drinking water, and though some people prefer mineral rich water, standards have been put in place by both the EPA and other parties to ensure that drinking water is safe. If your TDS monitor shows a reading of 900 ppm, or higher, the quality of the water has deteriorated and has a higher than recommended mineral/particle content. When water has an elevated mineral content, the clarity and taste of the water may be compromised. Water with lower TDS meter readings, less than 300 ppm, will be clearer and have a different taste than water with a TDS monitor readings of 900 ppm or higher.

We offer several different makes and models of total dissolved solids meters appropriate for both home and industrial use. Several models also feature an alarm that can be set to alert you of changes in the water content. Built in LCD screens are a popular feature of all of our models, some of which range in probe and cable size. Most models are water-resistant and some are suitable to be installed outdoors or use in highly humid climates. Be better informed about your water content today with some of the best TDS meters available on the market.

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Myron L 758II-111 0-50 µS Digital Monitor/Control
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Myron L 758II-119 0-1000 µS Digital Monitor/Control
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Myron L 753II 753-II Digital Monitor/Control
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Myron L 754II-11 220V Digital Monitor Only
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Kooler LC-01 Leak Control System
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