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There are a number of reasons why it’s important to have top quality water supply lines. Whether the water lines connect to a refrigerator or an ice maker, they must work at an optimal level. Not surprisingly, a device cannot work at its most efficient if there is a problem with the water lines. The following outlines some more reasons why it’s important to buy from our quality selection of water supply lines.

By purchasing well-made water lines, a homeowner doesn’t have to worry about corrosion. Quality Pex water lines are made to stand up to corrosion caused by the flow of water. Corrosion can cause poorly made water lines to break or become clogged. This damage can become costly if the plastic water lines need to be replaced on a regular basis. Dependable Pex water lines guard against the harmful effects of corrosion as well as buildup of scale.

Quality Pex water lines are also valuable to a customer because of their resistance to freeze damage. Water supply lines that suffer damage as a result of freezing can be costly to repair. The design of Pex water lines helps a customer to avoid these types of repairs. Pex understands the conditions that water lines have to endure.

Another reason to purchase quality water lines is ease of installation. The flexibility of plastic water lines allows a person to place a water line exactly where it needs to be. Whether a person is installing water lines in a refrigerator or connecting a water line to an ice maker, the flexible design of plastic water lines makes them convenient to secure into place.

Plastic water lines that are color-coded add another element of convenience to water line installation. Various water lines have different purposes; therefore it’s helpful to have them designated by color. In addition, if there is ever a need for a small repair, an individual can determine the various connections of a water line making the repair easier.

Finally, we offer a selection of top quality water supply lines to our customers so they can get the very best performance out of their appliances.  

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AQU1415 15 Foot SS Ice Maker Line
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Supco C25 25FT Icemaker Copper Supply Line
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Supco Icemaker Installation Kit - Plastic Tubing PT25
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Auto Shut Off Valve - 1/4" Quick Connection
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6W60 - No-Burst Hose for Dishwashers By FluidMaster
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Watts 0650376 3/8x500' Coiled Red Water PEX Tubing
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Watts 0650378 1/2x500' Coiled Red Water PEX Tubing
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Watts 0650384 3/8x500' Coiled Blue Water PEX Tubing
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Watts 0650386 1/2x500' Coiled Blue Water PEX Tubing
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