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Hole Cutter Bits

As you install water filters and other appliances, you may find that you need to drill special holes through which you can run water lines, electrical wires, and more. Often, these holes need to be drilled through metal, porcelain, and other special materials. In such cases, an ordinary drill and drill bit will not usually work. Instead, you need a hole saw.

Hole saws are tools that allow you to drill precise holes through a wide variety of materials. Also known as hole cutters, these hole saws use special drill bits according to the size of the hole that is desired and the material that must be cut through. Here at Water Filters Fast, we have a wide selection of hole saw drill bit products to outfit your hole cutter so that you can drill the right hole for your water line or other cord or wire. And with our free shipping guarantee on orders that total more than $99, you can also enjoy great savings whenever you place an order with us.

Our hole saw drill bit catalog includes special bits and cutter kits for such materials as porcelain, metal, and much more. These are some of the most common materials for which you need a hole cutter, but many of these bits can be used on more than one kind of building material. In any case, you should always check the instructions and specifications for the hole saw bit you are using before you start drilling. That way, you can ensure that you do not ruin your tool and be forced to go shopping for hole saws once again.

The hole saw drill bit products that we sell to the public are compatible with a number of different hole cutters. Each drill bit product page explains some of the hole saws that can use the bit, making it easy for you to select the right tool for your needs. You can also contact us for further help in ordering the proper hole cutter product. But whether you need a bit for one hole saw or bits that are compatible with many different hole cutters, you will find what you are looking for here at Water Filters Fast.

Products (Total Items: 3)
Relton PC-14 7/8 Cutter Kit Porcelain
Relton PC-14 7/8 Cutter Kit Porcelain
Your Price: $159.99
Relton PC-16 1 Cutter Kit Porcelain
Relton PC-16 1 Cutter Kit Porcelain
Your Price: $219.99
Relton PC-20 1 1/4 Cutter Kit Porcelain
Relton PC-20 1 1/4 Cutter Kit Porcelain
Your Price: $209.99