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Lennox Y3478 Healthy Climate Steam Whole House Humidifier

Lennox Y3478 Healthy Climate Steam Whole House Humidifier



The Lennox Y3478 HCSteam Whole House Humidifier is designed to be installed on your wall. This Healthy Climate humidifier is an atmospheric steam humidifier that should be placed close to the point where the steam will be used to minimize the hose length and amount of condensation that can accumulate. As the water is converted into steam, it is automatically replaced through an electric fill valve. Based on the quality of your water, this humidification system will also drain and add some water to dilute the build-up of minerals in the steam generator cylinder.

Lennox Healthy Choice Steam Humidifier specifications:
  • 5-Year Limited Warranty
  • Nominal capacity: 15 gpd
  • Converts water into steam
  • Designed for wall installation
  • Works well with most types of water
  • Requires an air proving pressure switch
  • Offers versatile installation options with remote or duct unit
Includes: Steam nozzle, 10 ft. steam hose, 10 ft. steam nozzle condensate drain hose and 6 ft. water fill hose

This Lennox Whole House Humidifier provides an even temperature while reducing cold bursts of air. The items required for installation include: a 1/2" water line, a dedicated 25 Amp electrical circuit and a 1 1/4" drain tube extension. The drain tube extension should be plumbed from the humidifier to an open drain, allowing the water drain receiver or a condensate pump to be capable of holding a gallon of 140 degree Fahrenheit water to be plumbed into a 3/4" drain line. Although this system works well with most types of water, the water supply should be untreated potable water instead of using softened or demineralized water.

Question & Answers

Q i have a honeywell now on the furnance fan forced. not doing the job the house is 70 yrs old .will this Lennox do the job?the house has 8 rooms. the temp outside is 21.the the temp inside 72, humidity 21. will this humidfier do the job?
A Without knowing full details and model of your Honeywell, it would be hard to say if the Lennox would do the job. The Lennox will work on homes up to 3,000 sq ft.
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