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Lennox Y2789 Whole House Humidifier - 18 GPD

Lennox Y2789 Whole House Humidifier - 18 GPD



This Lennox Y2789 Whole House Humidifier humidity control system is ideal for home use. This whole home humidifier is not a stand alone unit and must be installed in your forced duct system. With the ability to hold 18 gallons per day, this Lennox home humidifier is very efficient at moiturizing dry winter air. 

The WP2-18A specifications:
  • Plastic Housing is Resistant to Corrosion
  • 16" Square
  • 10 5/8" protusion from mounting surface
  • Installation Required

Forced heated air during colder seasons can easily become excessively dry causing the eyes, nose and mucus membranes to become dry and cracked. These dry, cracked membranes are more susceptible to bacteria and viruses in the air. With this Lennox high quality home humidifier you can be assured that your health will be protected from overly dry air.
The Lennox Y2789 Whole House Humidifier is also known as:

  • Lennox WP2-18A
  • Lennox HCWP3-18A

Question & Answers

Q how easy is this unit to install to replace the current unit that is there ?
A Installs on the supply air plenum. May be installed on the return air plenum if hot water (maximum 120°F continuous and 140°F intermittent) is supplied to humidifier. Applicable to most forced air installations. Not for installation in horizontal supply ducts in horizontal applications.
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