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LT600P LG Refrigerator Water Filter 5231JA2006A
LG LT600P Refrigerator Water Filter

LT600P LG Refrigerator Water Filter 5231JA2006A

Item SKU: LT600P

MFG ID: 5231JA2006A | UPC: 688581012539

The LT600P LG Refrigerator Water Filter 5231JA2006A Fits LG and Kenmore refrigerators with a long round filter mounted on the ceiling of the fridge. Also for use in System Model 5231JA2006A-S
  • Filter Life: 6 months or 300 gallons (whichever comes first)
  • Flow Rate: 0.5 gallons per minute
  • Operating Pressure: 30 - 120 psi
  • Operating Temperature: 33 - 100 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Actual Size: 12 inches (length) x 2 1/4 inches (diameter)
  • LG Part Number: LT600P
  • Model#: 5231JA2006A
The LT600P is compatible with the following:
  • 46-9990, 4609990000, 469990, 5231JA2005A, 5231JA2005A-S
  • 5231JA2006A, 5231JA2006A-S, 5231JA2006B-S, 5231JA2006F, 5231JA2006F-S, 5231ja2006e 
  • 9990, 9990P, LT600P
  • CLS30320001, LFX25975ST
Tested and certified by NSF International against ANSI / NSF Standards 42 and 53 for the reduction of:
  • 97.60% of Chlorine
  • 99.90% of Particulates (Class I)
  • 99.30% of Turbidity
  • Does not remove fluoride

Question & Answers

Q my filter number reads : 5231JA20006 will 5231JA2006A fit?/work ?
A Yes. Merely a part number change. We also carry a compatible filter that you may like to try. http://www.waterfiltersfast.com/WSL-2-LG-LT600P-Compatible-Water-Sentinel-Refrigerator-Filter-_p_12336.html
Q Lfx28978st/02 lg frig. Filter lt700p came with frig. What are all options?
A We offer a compatible version for this filter made by Water Sentinel. And is made in the USA! The link has been provided below for you to review. http://www.waterfiltersfast.com/WSL-3-Water-Sentinel-Refrigerator-Filter-LG-LT700P-Compatible_p_12240.html
Q is this the filter for LG lfx25976ST?
A I think the LT700P is the one you want. This filter is for somewhat older LG models (although the refrigerators look similar, the filters are different). This was works great for my LG LMX25981ST model with French Doors.
A We have a Kenmore Elite which is manufactured by LG and our Owner's manual has this filter listed as a replacement.
Q Is this the same as the LG LT600P 5231JA2006B Refrigerator Water Filter...with a "2006B" not "2006A"?
A I don't know and I'm not at home to look at the filter.
A The "2006B" is Identical to the 5231JA2006A, but removes more contaminants.
A I believe it is new. The filter came in original packaging.
A It is brand new. Works great. No problems.
A All the filters I've purchased for several years appeared to be brand new as far as I can see and I have never seen any information about them being a refurb item.
A There Brand new that I have boughten From this company. I've always been satisfied over the last 4 years.
A all of the filters i have purchased are all factory originals. not refurbished. they work great too.
A It is a brand new filter. We do not sell used filters. Water is what activates the filters to work and once the water goes into the filter it is then considered used. We do not have any way to refurbish filters.
Q do you also have a LT120F filter?
A No I do not have a LT120F Filter>
A We currently do not have the LG LT120F Air filter. We do have the LT600P water filters, but not the Air Filter
A No, I do not.
A Yes I do, I have had my LG for 2 years and use these guys every time I buy. I buy 2 filters at a time. Thet ship out on time and follow up with emails. A great company and filter at a great price. I would recommend them very highly
Q shipping to israel cost?
A I have no idea. I just shipped a 2-lb parcel Priority Mail to Israel and it cost $36.
A I have no idea
A Shipping costs are calculated at the time of Checkout process. It depends on the location and what items and quantities are being purchased. Please note that you have not officially placed your order at this point. At this stage of the Checkout process, you will merely be finding out what your total order costs would be. It is not until you enter your method of payment and the payment is processed, that the order is officially placed.
Q Why did you choose this?
A It's the one that fits my fridge!!! Love the service I've received from WaterFilters Fast!!
A To replace the one in our fridge
A saved a lot of money
A price
A Because I could not get the b. I would Appreciate an e-mail when the b's come in
A price and need
A It's the kind my refrigerator requires
A replacement water filter
A The right product at a good price, fare shipping.
A It's what my refrigerator needs and I couldn't find a cheaper brand.
A I like filtered water - and this price was about half of what LG says it should cost (MSRP)
A good price
A I recently purchased a new LG refrigerator -- LG LFX28979ST model.
A neede, must change every 6 months
A My filter needs to be changed.
A best price, quick delivery, trusted by so many
A Lowest price for filter that I've found.
A replacement water filter for my LG frig
A I like the price of this store
A that is the one my refrigerator had in it
A this is a product I have to have for my refrigerator. I have never had a problem with this filter. This company has very reasonable pricing and shipping, and the product arrives very quickly, so I always purchase from waterfiltersfast.
A Internet Price
A Its the filter that fits my refrigerator and could not find it at the store where I purchased it.
A type of fridge I have
A it fits my frig
A cheaper than anywhere else!
A Good deal, cheaper than local stores, brand name filter
A Factory replacement filter. Best price on the internet.
A After a lot of online research, reading the ratings, and this being a Trusted Store...I was sold.
A price of product.
A fits my frig - good company to purchase from - good prices - dependable
A this is my filter
A really cheaper cost then in Canada
A Great quality product. Fast Delivery and reasonably priced.
A good price
A Best price for my refrigerator
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