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Kenmore 46-9690 Refrigerator Water Filter ADQ36006102 - LT700P Compatible

Kenmore 46-9690 Refrigerator Water Filter ADQ36006102 - LT700P Compatible

Item SKU: 9690

MFG ID: 9690 | UPC: 016145236112

Replace with the Water Sentinel WSL-3 Filter

Kenmore 9690 200 gal Water Filter

Reduces Chlorine Taste & Odor Sediment/Rust Cysts for Cleaner, Fresher Water and Ice
Capacity: 200 gallons (757 liters).

The disposable filter cartridge must be replaced every 6 months, at the rate capacity or sooner if a noticeable reduction in flow rate occurs. Tested and certified by NSF International.


  • Accessory Type: Replacement filters
  • Overall Type: Refrigerator ice/water filter
  • Overall Color: White
  • Water Pressure: 25 - 125 psi
  • Flow Rate in Gallons Per Minute: 0.5 gpm
  • Temperature Range: 33 to 100 deg. F
  • Water Filter Life: 6 months

Installation Instructions:

  • Press the push button to open the filter cover
  • Pull the old cartridge downward to remove
  • With new cartridge in the horizontal position, push the the cartridge into the manifold hold until it stops
  • Push it up in firmly until you cannot push up further
  • Push the filter cover until it clicks into place
  • After replacing flush approx. 2.5 gallons of water through filter before use
97.20% of Chlorine
98.70% of Particulates (Class I)
99.00% of Asbestos
94.70% of Atrazine
96.70% of Benzene
98.10% of Carbofuran
98.20% of Lindane
99.80% of P-Dichlorobenzene
93.00% of Toxaphene
95.20% of 2,4-D
99.30% of Lead at pH 6.5
99.30% of Lead at pH 8.5
96.10% of Mercury at pH 6.5
90.10% of Mercury at pH 8.5
99.99% of Cysts
The 46-9690 does not remove fluoride

Question & Answers

Q When will this 9030 for Kenmore be available? What is the alternative?
A Currently we are unable to obtain the Kenmore 9030 but you may use the compatible version below. http://www.waterfiltersfast.com/4396710-4396711-Whirlpool-Kitchenaid-Kenmore-9030-Refrigerator-Water-Filter_p_81.html
Q when will it be back in stock?
A At the current time we do not have an ETA as to when it will be restocked. We do carry the Lt700P that is a compatible version for the 9690. http://www.waterfiltersfast.com/LG-LT700P-Refrigerator-Water-Filter-ADQ36006101-ADQ36006102-Kenmore-9690_p_1869.html
Q How can I participate in you Labor Day free shipping and 10 percent discount offer if the product I need Is out of stock? Why not back order the product and give your customers the same benefit your offering once the produce is in stock again?
A The 9690 has been nearly impossible to obtain from a supplier. We do off other versions in which the only difference is the manufacturer. Please see the options below. The 10% discount is on Air Filters only. http://www.waterfiltersfast.com/WSL-3-Water-Sentinel-Refrigerator-Filter-LG-LT700P-Compatible_p_12240.html http://www.waterfiltersfast.com/LG-LT700P-Refrigerator-Water-Filter-ADQ36006101-ADQ36006102-Kenmore-9690_p_1869.html
Q Do you know when this filter will be back in stock. I don't want to substitute?
A Presently we are trying to acquire a supplier for this product and don't have an ETA as to when it may be back in stock. Our website will be updated once product has been received. Please check our site periodically for updates.
Q what can I do with out of stock item?
A We offer 2 filters that are compatible with the Kenmore 46-9690. http://www.waterfiltersfast.com/WSL-3-Water-Sentinel-Refrigerator-Filter-LG-LT700P-Compatible_p_12240.html http://www.waterfiltersfast.com/WSL-3-Water-Sentinel-Refrigerator-Filter-LG-LT700P-Compatible_p_12240.html Both of these filters perform the same as the 46-9690 and the only difference is the manufacturer.
Q Will you be getting these in stock again? I am using the Sentinel now, but I don't like it as well.
A We do offer another compatible/replacement filter for the 46-9690. Please refer to the link below. http://www.waterfiltersfast.com/LG-LT700P-Refrigerator-Water-Filter-ADQ36006101-ADQ36006102-Kenmore-9690_p_1869.html
Q how long do you have to wait on an out of stock item?
A There is not a definite time frame. We do not have a specific date or time given to us from the manufacturer as to when we will be able to get more.
Q price on 3 46 9690 filters and shipping ?
A We currently do not have stock on these filters.
Q I have ordered the Kenmore filter 9690 in the past and have noticed this filter being out of stock for a couple of months now. If the LG version is compatible then why is it more expensive? What's the difference?
A The LG brand also removes 99.30% of Turbidity. That is the only difference.
Q How many do I need to order to qualify for free shipping?
A We currently do not have stock on this item.
Q when will these be available?
A We do not have a definite date as to when we will have them back in stock.
Q when will out of stock filters be in?
A We do not have a definite date as to when we will have more in stock.
Q Where is this filter manufactured? Who is the manufacturer? Thanks.
A They are manufactured in Korea.
Q When will you have this filter in stock?
A We do not have a definite time frame as of yet.
Q How do you remove and change the Internal Water Filter on a Kenmore Elite Refrigerator? Thanks
A You simply unlatch the filtr cover on the top .eft side of the fridge, and with the cover swung open, you push slightly and turn the filter to release it and pull it out. Then simply push the new filter into the same hole you pulled the filter out of and twist it in. Lastly, swing the cover back up to secure the new filter in place.
Q This shows out of stock, when will it be back in stock?
A We do not have a definite time frame yet. They have been on back order to us for quite some time now.
Q do you know when this filter will be restocked? thanks
A Unfortunately we do not have an ETA for a restock date at this time. Please check back with us periodically for inventory updates.
Q which filter is compatible with a Kenmore fridge Model # 106.53592300? it's a 2003 model
A I Could not find one. I bought a new water filter.
A The 4396508 Whirlpool Refrigerator Water Filter is the correct compatible filter for your model.
Q how much is shipping?
A Shipping is $5.00 Flat Rate Shipping for orders under $99.00 and Free Shipping for orders $99.00 and over if shipping within the 48 Contiguous United States. For International Orders: Shipping costs are calculated at the time of Checkout process. It depends on the location and what items and quantities are being purchased. Please note that you have not officially placed your order at this point. At this stage of the Checkout process, you will merely be finding out what your total order costs would be. It is not until you enter your method of payment and the payment is processed, that the order is officially placed.
Q Hi, I have a Kenmore frig model 795.71056.010. I just wonder if this is the correct replacement filter for it. Does it make from Kenmore filter? Quang
A Yes, you will need the 46-9690 filter. This filter is made by Kenmore.
A This filter fits my Kenmore 795.71033.010.
Q I have kenmore model 596.52679200 with filter #9005 will this fit?
A Gary, Not exactly sure about the correct answer for your question...but I hope this Sears support website helps. Unfortunately this website doesn't let me include web links to other sites. searspartsdirect dot com/partsdirect/water-filters/refrigerator-water-filters.pd Regards, J$UN
A You will need the UKF8001 for this model.
Q My LG fridge calls for a water filter ADQ36006101 Not 102. Is there a difference? How do I order the 101 part number
A We ordered filter ADQ360061012 - LT700P for our 31 cubic foot Kenmore refrigerator made by LG and have not had any problems with it.
A The 46-9690 is the Kenmore filter and the LT700P is the LG version. They are interchangable. Both filters remove the same contaminants.
A There is really no difference. It may be used interchangeably. Hope that helps.
Q Hello, can you please tell us how to install this filter?
A Hi, Not exactly sure about the correct answer for your question...but I hope this Sears support website helps. Unfortunately this website doesn't let me include web links to other sites. searspartsdirect dot com/partsdirect/water-filters/refrigerator-water-filters.pd Regards, J$UN
A The removal and install is fairly simple. Open the cover for the filter (should be located in the upper left hand corner of your refrigerator). Rotate the filter down as far as it will go (do not force it). At this point all you need to do is pull out the old filter and install the new one. Rotate the new filter upwards and close the cover. Run your water dispenser for several minutes to remove air and any filter material. Hope this helps
A It goes in different places in different refrigerators. Once you locate yours, twist counter-clockwise and pull the old one out. Push the new one in liking up the "wings" with the slots (you can do this by feel) press in and twist clockwise. Run water for about 1-2 min to clean out the new filter.
Q Why did you choose this?
A original equip
A needed new one
A Good price. Ordered here before - hit the reorder button when I logged in. Close to that of the Amazon price. Fits my Kenmore refrigerator.
A Norton security
A Need replacement
A Value and website was helpful
A because it fits my refrigerator....duh.
A price
A price
A Much cheaper than Sears.
A it was cheaper then other also it the same exact filter thats in our refrigerator
A My Fridge model is a Kenmore Elite 795.72053.110. The filter model is a ADQ36006102 3M manufactured Kenmore branded filter. I am buying this to replace the filter. I hope this one works...
A Convenient site to use and good cost profile.
A old one said to replace
A replacement product
A Cost was about half of what I could find direct from manufacturer.
A cheaper than Sears
A it fits my refrigerator and cost less than at sears
A cheapest i could find for my fridge
A Excellent price and you're trusted seller.
A I needed a new filter for our refrigerator, went online to the sears store, filter was twice as expensive. Did some searching and found your filters at half the price.
A I need it for the appliance
A Price
A price
A It is the cheapest water filter I've found to fit my refrigerator!
A price
A I needed a water filter
A online search, oem filter, half the cost.
A The price was half of what I just paid at Sears. I ordered two from here so I would have them on hand.
A Good Price
A cost much less than in the store and arrives fast. Besides, no one at the store was aruond to help us figure out which filter to buy.
A I chose this because I am a proud new refrigerator with ice maker and water dispenser. Gotta keep it tasting fresh!
A Good price for the item that will work for our refrigerator. Much less than local store. Good ratings for supplier.
A Needed a new filter.
A price
A Greta price and delivery cost
A Price was much less than Sears for same product.
A sears wanted too much for a filter that only lasts 6 months
A I have the refrigerator
A it was the best price i could find online.
A I need to replace my filter at home.
A Because this filter was in the kenmore fridge that I own, the change filter light was on, and the water flow was diminished significantly.
A The model that fit my brand.
A Great pricing, great reviews, fast service
A Fair price
A price
A this is the type filter required for my refrigerator....
A Cheapest website and the filter I needed.
A price
A They are OEM products for my Kenmore refrigerator.
A It fits my LG Refrigerator and costs a lot less.
A I was looking for my filter online and found this filter for almost half the price as the filter from the Sears Store... will order the double pack from here in the future
A because the cost is lower than Sears
A Same as LG filter (Same part number) at almost 1/2 the cost!
A They are direct replacements for my fridge
A It is the type of water filter that my refrigerator uses.
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