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Whether a water filtration system is used for personal or industrial use, there often arise occasions on which it is necessary to add chemicals to the water to render it clean or make it fit for other purposes. In a water system, this addition of chemicals is achieved through the use of a chemical injector that injects the necessary chemicals such as chlorine and other additives into the water according to a set schedule. If you are installing a new water system and need an injector to complete it or if your injector on your existing system has gone bad, you can find just what you need from our selection of chemical injectors here at Water Filters Fast.

At Water Filters Fast, we believe in providing affordable parts for your water system without sacrificing any of the quality that you expect from well-made water system components. That is why we make sure that we carefully select every product in our catalog, including all of our chemical injectors, from only the most renowned manufacturers operating today. Thus, you can surely count on the parts in our catalog to last you a long time and provide great operating service.

We have chemical injector components that add chemicals to your water according to a preset schedule as well as injectors that operate in response to various sensors in your system. Many of our injectors are made with a minimum of operating parts so that there are fewer components to wear out over time, and these injectors are also incredibly easy to maintain as well due to their simple design. But you should know that simple design does not equal simplistic results, for even the simplest of our chemical injectors does the job right every time.

Our chemical injector components are fit for a wide variety of different water systems that are widely used today, and you can always contact our customer service team with questions about the compatibility of any of our chemical injectors with your existing water system.

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Blue-White C-614P-115V Chem-Feed C-600P Series 24 GPD 115V
In Stock
Blue-White C-630P-230V Chem-Feed C-600P Series 58 GPD 230V/60HZ
In Stock
Blue-White C-660P-220V Chem-Feed C-600P Series 88 GPD 220V50HZ
In Stock
Blue-White C-645P-230V Chem-Feed C-600P Series 91 GPD 230V/60HZ
In Stock
Blue-White C-660P Chem-Feed C-600P Series 110 GPD 115V
In Stock
Blue-White PCS220K8MH1 Proportional Feed System 100-1000 GPM 220V/50
In Stock
Blue-White C17N002X000V00 Chem-Feed C-1700N Series Injector Pump 14.4 GPD 115V
In Stock
Blue-White C17N303X410VA2 Chem-Feed C-1700N Series Injector Pump 150 GPD Dual Head 115V Teflon
In Stock
Mazzei 484 1/2 MNPT PVDF Injector
Out of Stock
Mazzei 878 1 MNPT PVDF Injector
In Stock
Mazzei 978 1 MNPT PVDF Injector
In Stock
Mazzei 1078 1 MNPT PVDF Injector
Out of Stock
Mazzei 1583A 1.5 MNPT PVDF Injector
In Stock
Mazzei 1584A 1.5 MNPT PVDF Injector
In Stock
Mazzei 2081A 2 MNPT PVDF Injector
In Stock

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