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IM6 GE Refrigerator Ice Maker Kit

IM6 GE Refrigerator Ice Maker Kit

Item SKU: IM6


Genuine IM6 GE Refrigerator Ice Maker Kit

Same as Kenmore 04608346000 | IM4A.  This icemaker kit can be installed on most Side-by-Side and Top-Mount Refrigerators.  It has an electronic control board with an on/off switch to stop ice cube production.  This IM6 ice maker also has a water level sensor in cube tray to regulate cube size and.  an anti-jamming feature that causes jammed cubes to melt away.  Kit includes ice maker, water valve, fill tube, wiring harness, ice container and complete instructions. This kit replaces the IM-1, IM-2, IM-3, IM-4, IM4A, IM5, IM5SS, UKKIT1, UKKIT2, UKKIT4, UKKIT5, WR30X318, WR30X10012, WR30X10014, and Sears part number 8390 icemaker kits.
Comes With:
  • Icemaker
  • Owners Manual
  • Water Valve & Tube Assembly
  • Ice Bucket
  • 2 Power Cords
  • Water Inlet Tube
  • Water Fill Cup
  • All Necessary Mounting Hardware

Question & Answers

Q I purchased this ice maker to replace my old one in my ken more fridge. Works ok, seems to be making ice slower. Any ideas on why? There a dial onto of the ice maker with a minus and plus sign, what could that me?
A The minus symbol means to produce less amount of ice and the plus symbol means to make more ice.
Q Will this fit a GE model gts18kbpwrww?
A We do not show that model number having an IceMaker Assembly in it...only an Ice Cube Tray. Therefore, we do not think this will work for your model.
Q will this unit fit to replace whirlpoool mod#ED22TDXF00 ?
A We couldn’t get that model to come up exactly, but we found one that is very close to it (ED22TQXFN00). It looks like this model has a water dispenser. Because of this, there really isn’t a "kit" that will fit this. All icemaker kits come with a single coil valve, and this model needs a dual valve. You are better off just purchasing the icemaker by itself, the 4317943. The kit will just give you a bunch of useless parts. We do have the icemaker available by itself which is the Whirlpool 4317943. http://www.waterfiltersfast.com/Whirlpool-4317943-Ice-Maker_p_1907.html
A Sorry it took so long for me to answer your question but I live out in the country and have to rely on a very slow dial-up connection (it took over 20 minutes from the time I clicked on the answer box till I got to this page and it took over 2 hours to download the installation manual so I could give you an informed answer). I have to wait to the weekends to respond to folks that require a little research. The answer to your question is a positive maybe. I can't speak for the manufacturer, so to say it will fit ANY GE refrigerator would be a question for GE at their web site, which is also where you can get a pdf file of the instruction manual. That being said, what the manufacturer does say about the IM-6 Kit is this, "This icemaker kit can be installed on MOST Side-by-Side and Top-Mount refrigerators." On the front page of the 233 page installation manual it says, "This kit fits MOST models calling for UK-KIT 1, UK-KIT 2, UK-KIT 4 and all models calling for Kit IM-1, IM-2, IM-3, IM-4 or IM-5SS. Also on the front of the installation manual it instructs you to, "Look for a label on the back of the refrigerator that will tell you which instruction set to use - C, F, G, H, J, K, L, M, N, P, Q, R, S or T." So I would say if you find that label on the back of the refrigerator you are interested in installing this kit on, then I would bet the IM-6 would work for you. Whether it is to replace an existing icemaker or a new install, I found this kit to be very complete and fairly easy to install. Don't be hesitant because of the 233 page instruction manual. It is a very through and fairly easy to follow COLLECTION of manuals in one. As an example if your refrigerator label says use instructions F, your manual is from pages 14 through 17 or if your's calls for M, your manual is from pages 38 to 41, etc. I hope this has been a help and good luck.
A Not necessarily. I can verify which ice maker that you will need by your refrigerator model number.
Q Why did you choose this?
A Replacement necessary due to failure of existing ice maker unit.
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