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Hydrotech 414-000-07 Original Membrane

Hydrotech 414-000-07 Original Membrane

Item SKU: 414-000-07

MFG ID: 414-000-07 | UPC:

The Hydrotech 414-000-07 Original Membrane removes bad odour and taste along with contaminants, and delivers you with clean and healthy water to drink. It keeps you away from unwanted water-borne disease. With its tough construction, it ensures a long-lasting and trouble-free performance.

  • Reverse osmosis membranes are extremely fine filters, these separate drinkable (pure) water from contaminated water. R.O membranes divert contaminates in water to drain and pure water to storage tank. Pure water is drawn through the faucet of the reverse osmosis unit. It is mandatory to pre-filer the feed water to reverse osmosis membranes to avoid clogging and fouling of membranes. Most of the membranes require de-chlorination of feed water along with pre-filtration as well.
  • The TFC-type membranes need protection against chlorine, but is resistant to naturally occurring bacteria. As chlorine is available in most municipality supplied waters, activated carbon filters which adsorb chlorine from water are prerequisite to protect the TFC membranes. TFC membranes however, do not require any protection against naturally occurring bacteria.
  • The CTA-type membranes are chlorine tolerant. However, these are intolerant towards bacteria and require addition of chlorine to feed water or Ultra Violet Sterilizer as protection against bacteria which can damage them.

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