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Hydronix Filmtec BW30-4040 4x40 inch Brackish Water Membrane

Hydronix Filmtec BW30-4040 4x40 inch Brackish Water Membrane

Item SKU: BW30-4040

MFG ID: BW30-4040 | UPC:

Hydronix Filmtec BW30-4040 4x40 inch Brackish Water Membrane

Dow Fllmtec reverse osmosis (RO) membranes for home drinking water treatment units are some of the most reliable and consistent elements in the industry. Advanced membrane technology and automated fabrication allow Dow to precisely produce each and every element to tight, pre-defined specifications. Dow's advanced and consistent RO element quality helps customers develop, and maintain brand recognition along with a reputation for building systems that reliably provide low impurity drinking water.

A complete range of Dow Fllmtec elements is available to meet a wide variety of customer needs for commercial applications, from high purity water to low total system costs.

Tape-wrapped elements are built with the same high quality membranes and materials of construction as industrial elements, except for the hard outer shell, and can be more economical for commercial systems with one or two elements per housing.


  • Dow Flltmtec TW30 and XLE is an industry standard for reliable operation and production of high quality water.
  • Features the thickest feed spacer (34 mil) available in the industry today to lessen the impact of fouling.
  • May be cleaned over a wide pH range (pH 1-13) for the most cost effective cleaning.

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